Wednesday , 29 March 2017

3 Free AutoCad Layouts

Just in case you are struggling making or setting up your own autocad layout for printing, I have set up these three simple layouts, in A3. You can download them, and adjust and alter them to your liking, but the basics are already set up. To use them, just download the file and import them into your own dwg. To import them, save the layout file to your desktop. In Autocad, go to your layout tab, and Page Setup Manager. There you will have the option to import layouts, select the file from your desktop and the layouts will be imported into your dwg. Simples.

(Please note: These layouts do contain the autocad educational stamp)

If you are interested in me creating some more fancy ones, just get in touch!

Click here to download

Free Autocad Layout 1

Free Autocad Layout 2

Free Autocad Layout 3


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  1. Good starter thanks

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