Friday , 24 March 2017

A beginners guide to Google Sketchup!


So, we all seem to think that Sketchup is pretty cool (I’m still coming to terms with that having been an AutoCAD geek forever). If you want to be convinced about how cool it is, remember this – its free! AND, it can create images like this (using V-Ray to render):

Or, a couple of showcase projects:

Showcase 1 Showcase 2

If that doesn’t inspire you to get to know sketchup a bit better, I don’t know what will.

So, where to start? After downloading sketchup, your first port of call should be the online tutorials.

You tube sketch up channel has tonnes of videos, there are literally over 100 tutorials, so if you ever get stuck, head straight to the tutorial channel.

Youtube SketchUp Channel SketchUp Tutorials

Spend some time messing around with sketchup, get acquainted and have some fun! If you get stuck, there is loads of support out there. First off head to the sketchup help pages.

SketchUp Help


Don’t forget there is also the Sketch up 3D warehouse.

This is full of items that you can download directly into your model, to save you a load of time and effort. You can access the 3D warehouse directly from your model, go to File – 3D Warehouse – Get Models.

Sketchucation is a great place to start – SketchUcation

Or this site has some interesting tips, tricks and resources SketchUp Artists

Also check out the Directory of Great Sketchup Resources! DGSU

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