Sunday , 28 May 2017


A beginners guide to SketchUp

Beginners guide to sketchup

In this post we are going to look at everything you need to know to get started with SketchUp. We are also going to offer some useful hints, tips and resources for those of you who already use SketchUp but want to take things to the next level. In this post we cover: Why SketchUp Getting Set Up Learning the …

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Ultimate Guide to Green Up Your Design

How to improve the environmental and sustainable credentials of your design [NOTE: you can download this article as a handy printable pdf – just click on the button below to get your copy now!] Click Here to Download Environmental technologies and sustainable thinking has progressed significantly over the last few decades and we are now faced with numerous exciting options, …

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7 Ways To Improve Your Sketching Skills


Sketching is an extremely valuable skill in the architecture profession, and one that is certainly getting lost amongst our new technologies of 3d software and so on. However, you can demonstrate an idea with a sketch in a matter of moments, you can’t do the same thing with SketchUp. A sketch allows the client to get an idea, a feeling …

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Ultimate guide to being productive

[Updated November 2014]   When I did my degree I NEVER pulled an all nighter. I NEVER worked beyond 6pm (well maybe once!). And I RARELY worked on weekends. I decided to treat the degree like a job. I would go to uni early, go to lectures, and essentially do a 8am-5pm day of uni work. This meant my evenings and …

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Brave Pharmacy Design by Jose Carlos Cruz

A brave pharmacy design by Jose Carlos Cruz, the Lordelo Pharmacy in Vila Real, Portugal. Architects description of the project: The Pharmacy is located in Vila Real, in the centre north of Portugal and is part of a peripheral zone of the city where the environment does not have a consolidated and uniform image. In the absence of external references, …

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H House by Bang by Min Emerging Design Group

H House, designed by Bang by Min Emerging Design Group has been awarded the 30th Seoul Architecture Prize in 2012 and Korea Interior Design Best Awards 2012. A complex design, it doesn’t reveal its real form from the outside, and leaves a sense of curiosity.  The client wanted a house that could accommodate three generations living together, therefore the house …

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