Saturday , 23 September 2017

Essential Tool Kit

Architecture Site Analysis Guide

Architecture Site Analysis FI

This is our updated, revised site analysis guide for architecture. You can download this as a handy pdf by clicking the link below. Click Here to Download Prior to starting any design, your client will want to know whether construction on the site is viable. Carrying out an extensive site analysis will assess wether development is financially feasible, and establish …

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First In Architecture is 5 years old!

5 years ago I was sat in an office, dreaming. I had this crazy idea that I wanted to start a blog, one that could help architecture students get the best out of their studies. I secretly dared to dream that I could turn it into a full time endeavour (but I didn’t tell anyone that at the time).   …

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Looking after your mental health as an architecture student

Recently, I have been reading about mental health in the discipline of architecture. It is unsettling to learn that architects are very susceptible to suffering with mental health problems and in particular, architecture students also have concerns over their mental health. The reasons are pretty obvious. As students there are fears of debt, workloads and practical training. Out in practice, …

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What is the best laptop for architecture students? 2017/2018

Post Updated August 2017 If you would like to download our mini guide to purchasing a laptop for your architecture studies, click on the link below. Click Here to Download The Guide I need a laptop for my architecture studies! Buying a laptop for your studies and future career can be a bit of a minefield. The main thing to …

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Space Planning Basics

Note: You can download this post as a PDF for printing or saving, by clicking the button below. Click Here to Download Space planning is a complex process with many factors to consider. The principles of space planning involve satisfying a defined criteria on a priority basis – as a result, space planning is frequently about compromise. That being said, …

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How To Survive Architecture School

how to survive architecture school

18 tips to help you succeed and excel in your architecture studies A lot of us know that studying architecture is tough. If you have chosen to pursue a career in architecture, you have to be pretty committed to the cause. Studying architecture is not an easy option, that’s for sure. Having said that, going to university or college to …

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Underfloor Heating – A Brief Guide

What is Underfloor Heating?   Underfloor heating systems use a pipe network, of either electrical or water systems to heat the floor. Underfloor heating is considered to offer improved energy efficiency, improved comfort and better interior choices than a standard radiator system. While a radiator will circulate heat, it is often inefficient, with the highest temperature being at the ceiling, …

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