Sunday , 18 February 2018

Tutorials & Tips

Learning AutoCAD with Free and Premium Video Courses

AutoCAD, the flagship product of Autodesk is certainly the most popular design and drafting software available in the industry. And just like any other software it also has its own learning curve. Although you can use books to learn this software but there is a better way of learning it and that is with the help of video courses. Video …

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Working with Hatch and Linetypes in AutoCAD

In this video we look at using linetypes in cad, and how to load new linetypes into your drawing, including insulation batting. We then look at working with hatch, hatch boundary and pick points, along with solid fills, gradients and pattern fill.   If you have any questions or get stuck with any CAD stuff – please just ask and …

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Managing coordinates in AutoCAD 3D

Managing coordinates in autocad

I am really excited to have Jaiprakash Pandey share with us some of his immense knowledge of AutoCAD! Once you have read this article, please head over to his blog SourceCAD for a tonne of really useful articles, hints and tips on all things CAD. Managing coordinates in AutoCAD 3D In AutoCAD, you can only draw on XY plane and this …

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Quick CAD Tips – Text Tricks

In this tutorial we look at a few tips and tricks working with text in AutoCAD. Some of these include: Using a background mask Bringing your Text To Front Mirroring Text – two ways Converting Text Text align   As always, if there is anything you are stuck on with CAD and would like some help – drop me an …

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How to Draw an Elevation in AutoCAD

How to draw an elevation in cad

In this tutorial we look at how to draw up an elevation in auto cad from a floor plan. We look at using construction lines, layering, orientation, hatch and shadows to build a simple elevation in a short amount of time.

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Attaching and Exporting Object Data in AutoCAD

This week we have another really interesting guest post that looks at aspects of AutoCAD some people would never even consider possible. Nick Williams shares his knowledge on the subject of attaching and exporting object data in AutoCAD. As always it is great to hear from readers who would like to share their ideas, tips and tricks on the website …

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SketchUp & LayOut for Architecture – Review

SketchUp & Layout for Architecture

  SketchUp & Layout for Architecture, by Matt Donley and Nick Sonder has recently been released. This new book, looks at the workflow of Architect Nick Sonder – and how he uses SketchUp as his main tool when designing houses, from concept through to completion. Not only is this a fascinating example of the strengths of SketchUp, it also teaches …

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