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Evaluating Your Site Analysis

So you have collected all this information and taken a shed load of photos, now you’ve got to evaluate this information and consider the implications to your design process. As well as considering all the points below you also have to integrate the requirements of the brief. You are slowly putting together the pieces of the puzzle in order to come up with a great design.

When looking at your site and considering your design think about the following:

The Site

  • Street patterns
  • Street section
  • Scale and the hierarchy/form/space
  • Land use
  • Typologies
  • Neighbourhood relationships, formal street variation
  • Perspective relationships, views
  • Edge conditions, surfaces and materials
  • Natural and man made
  • Movement and circulation within and around the site
  • Vehicle vs. pedestrian
  • Access
  • Public space vs. private space
  • Open space
  • History
  • Climate – sun angles and sun shadows
  • Negative and positive spaces – we move through negative spaces and dwell in positive spaces

The Building

Think about how your proposal is going to link in with the site, and how the site will connect with the building. Make a few notes about each of the points below about what you are looking to achieve.

  • Massing
  • Structure
  • Circulation
  • Axis
  • Symmetry
  • Scale and proportion
  • Balance
  • Regulating lines
  • Light quality
  • Rhythm and repetition
  • Views
  • Geometry
  • Hierarchy
  • Enclosure
  • Space/void relationship

We have a board on Pinterest dedicated to site analysis examples so make sure you check it out. We are always adding to it.

Pinterest Site Analysis Examples

This post is part of a three part series. Be sure to check out the next part here.

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