Tuesday , 23 May 2017

First In Architecture Is Ready For Your Questions!

First in Architecture wants to help YOU! That’s right, if you have a topic that you want us to write about, tell us. If there is an area on the site you think we could focus more on, tell us!

Our recent posts included the Ultimate Guide to Green Up your Design, and How to Carry Out The Best Site Analysis In The Class – if there is an Ultimate Guide you need to help you through your course – let us know and we’ll smash it!

So ideas that have already come in include, tips on the best render packages for sketch up, photoshop techniques, and render guides.

So, comment right now, below this post and tell us what you think. Or you can go to our Facebook page, which by the way you should ‘Like’ as there is always loads of info you don’t want to miss out on over there.

Tell us what help you need, and we’ll do it!

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  1. Have you got any tips or standards for autocad lineweights and styles for plans and sections? Also, any sources for detailing and structures? Greatly appreciate this website. Keep it up!

    • Hi Farah, great suggestions. Leave it with us and we’ll get something posted as soon as. Thanks a lot for your comments 🙂

  2. Hey guys why don’t you write some tips on how to have a better chance on finding internship.Like some useful sites with information about the studios in a city,tips about what to put in the email etc 🙂

  3. hey can u guys give us tips on how to gain concepts? what do we need to do to make the concept apparent with the whole scheme of our design? what kind of words are suitable for our concepts?

  4. how to conceptualize when designing a building? I am still have difficulty

  5. Please could you touch on the subject of studying abroad; where is the best place for new architects to be? Everyone is always talking at my university about Canada and Australia being the place for new up and coming architects to really excel and have the greatest potential for innovative architecture to be designed (as against the UK)… what are your thought on this?

    • Hi Alice, Thank you so much for your question. This is something I haven’t really touched on with the website, so leave it with me and I’ll have a little think and do some research and get back to you 🙂

  6. I am bad in detailing, can u guys make some tutorials for detailing courses for that? Cuz every week I have a detailing class for 2hrs but the teacher just speak a hr and said I’m done speaking, and I don’t think I learn anything from the classes.

  7. Hello, just found out about this site and I must say its nice. Please, I would like to know what offices are there in a security office as I have been asked to design a university/polytechnic entrance gate alongside the security office…. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. You would need to find out what the ‘client requirements’ are. How many security officers are there, what technology do they use, are there security vehicles… etc. It will be dependent on specific project requirements.

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