Wednesday , 25 April 2018

H House by Bang by Min Emerging Design Group

H House, designed by Bang by Min Emerging Design Group has been awarded the 30th Seoul Architecture Prize in 2012 and Korea Interior Design Best Awards 2012.

A complex design, it doesn’t reveal its real form from the outside, and leaves a sense of curiosity.  The client wanted a house that could accommodate three generations living together, therefore the house is divided into three floors with a communal space on the middle floor and more private areas above and below. The use of folding walls makes the space more adaptable to the family’s changing needs.

Situated on a sloped site with an 8m difference, daylighting was important to the client, as the previous house suffered with poor daylighting and damp air due to lack of good ventilation. A courtyard and sunken garden provides light to the whole building, creating complex shards of light within the rooms and allowing the flow of space from inside to outside.

All images courtesy of Bang by Min Emerging Design Group – Photographs by Joonhwan Yoon.

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