Friday , 24 March 2017

How To Create A Site Model In SketchUp

Following on from the site analysis videos, this tutorial shows you how to model a site in SketchUp using the help of Google Earth.

In this video we look at:

– Adding a location to your site model

– Using google earth to import 3d models of surrounding building context

– Duplicating components and setting up new layers

– Creating two different visual options – photo texture and white models

– Amending the colours of the surrounding buildings

– Adding roads to the site plan

– Using the shadows tool to show sun paths

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  1. Very helpful tutorials

  2. This is really excellent and useful, thank you very much – it is a great starting point for me on my Sketchup journey!

  3. Roberto Torres Jr


    Why is that when I try to upload a building onto my location they don’t load up in it’s position ?

    • When you import your cad drawing, make sure you go – File, Import. Then click on “Options”, then make sure you tick “Preserve Drawing Origin” to make sure the imported file comes in at the location it was drawn in cad.

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