Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Parasite Studio – Black on White

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The main theme of the project – a dark box containing private spaces sustained by a series of white walls which delineate the semipublic spaces, is completed by the relations a contemporary living environment needs to establish to its environment, either built or natural. The system of courtyards together with the main living spaces mediates the transition between public and private, being made up in relation to the landscape and the natural light, designed to assure the intimacy, communication and exposure needed by a young family.

The whole space on the ground level, the exterior one of the courtyard and the interior one of the living areas is divided and ordered by a series of white walls that cross it, support the box that comprises the bedroom and split it into five exterior courtyards, differently orientated and having different degrees of permeability. Seen from the outside, the interior functions are divided in two typologies: spaces of a strong public character, those of the day routine, located on the ground-floor, opened and fluid and the private spaces that host the night activities, located on the first floor and enclosed in a black volume. From the inside the delimitation is much more flexible and can be largely dictated by its users. The living room, kitchen and dining area are open functional areas contained by a large space, partially delimited by the white walls, similar to the courtyards. On the ground floor the space remains fluid, white and strongly flooded by natural light, minimally furnished with simple volumes. The large windows allow almost complete opening, counting on the flexibility of the interior/exterior delimitation.

About Parasite:

“PARASITE signifies for us a change of attitude. It means to refer to the project from “above”. We are interested in the conflict between old and new and not in the integration of the design through materials and details. We believe that exactly this conflict could generate a different type of spatiality. We are not interested in the forms of “correct architecture”. Architecture has to start to shape space in a different way, details must be seen in a contemporary fashion, they have to complete space instead of being the generators for architecture and theme. The lack of details of the contemporary buildings must be understood as a change of architectural attitude, architecture has not grown poorer but has become something different.”
All images and text from Parasite Studio.

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