Friday , 23 February 2018

Quick Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Photoshop. Are you a toolbar lover, or a shortcut savvy? As users of software such as autocad, you will know the importance of the keyboard command. It can speed up your work no end. Photoshop is no exception, and when you get to know the shortcuts, your efficiency can improve ten fold. One of the benefits of knowing the keyboard shortcuts means that no matter what computer you work on, no matter the work environment and screen settings, you will always be able to rely on your shortcuts to get you around the software.

So why not have a go at getting to know the shortcuts. Hide your toolbar and see how you get on without it. It is difficult to learn every shortcut, especially if you don’t use all the tools all the time, but getting to know the main tools you use will definitely help.

Print out this guide to help.

A Select Vector

B Brush, Pencil…

C Crop, Slice

D Set default BG and FG colors (black and white)

E Eraser

F Toggle Screen Modes

G Gradient, Paint Bucket

H Move Canvas

I Eyedropper

J Healing Brush

K Rotate 3D Object

L Lasso

M Marquee

N Rotate 3D Camera

O Color Dodge, Color Burn

P Pen

Q Enter Quick Mask Mode

R Rotate Canvas

S Clone Stamp

T Type

U Shape

V Move/Select

W Magic Wand

Y History Brush

X Swap BG and FG colors

Z Zoom

/ Lock layer

1-0 Selected Layer Opacity from 10% to 100% (tap two numbers quickly, like 37, to get specific values. And 00 to set it to 0 opacity.)

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