Friday , 21 October 2016

Sketch Challenge – Week 3

So here we are at week three. How have you been getting on with your sketching? By week three we will have done a fair few sketches by now – are you getting into the groove?

Architectural sketches

This weeks task – “PERSPECTIVE”

Only one task this week as it might take a few goes before getting it right.

Master the perspective!

Practice drawing perspective – this will take a bit of practice – here are a couple of videos to help you out.

One Point Perspective

One Point Perspective

One Point Perspective

Two Point Perspective

Send us your sketches so we can share them – inspire each other so we can complete the challenge together. Email us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter. #FIAsketchchallenge

Happy Sketching!

Sketchbook scans 6

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  1. i want to know more about freehand sketching. so inform me with different details. I’ll wait

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