Saturday , 29 July 2017

SketchUp Kitchen Cabinet Download

Tired of shopping for cabinets and not finding what you need for cabinets?

These Kitchen cabinets are designed and layered as components for Sketchup. Layered with 2 door and hardware styles. Contemporary and Traditional. The generic texture is applied horizontal and vertical for realistic construction of cabinets. Around 50 different cabinets along with counter top profiles!

Great for Sketchup designs and 3DS Max rendering.

Texture direction makes it easy for material replacement with realistic textures. The cabinets are designed with shell only. No drawers or shelves. This is to minimize poly count.

Directions for layering are added as 3D modeled text. These cabinets have been modelled in feet and inches – NOT millimetres.

Here are some screen shots of the cabinets:

Screenshot 2016-08-24 13.26.06


Screenshot 2016-08-24 13.26.17


Screenshot 2016-08-24 13.26.36


Screenshot 2016-08-24 13.26.47


Screenshot 2016-08-24 13.27.12

If you have any questions about the cabinets please don't hesitate to drop me an email or comment below.

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