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Studio AION Architecture – Arcadia Room

Introducing Studio AION Architecture:

AION is an architectural practice which engages the complexity of built environments with an integral approach. In each project, the studio aims at triggering novel ecologies operating across urban and environmental processes that encompass multiple scales and domains with the objective of achieving higher system performance and an all-inclusive sustainability while generating innovative spatial conditions.
AION perceives architectural form as an expression of creative negotiation between material characteristics, structural pressures, functional requirements, normative prescriptions, socio-political desires, cultural tendencies and environmental dynamics.
We perceive the project not as a representation of preconceived formal ideas but as a learning system which acquires complexity out of the capacity to absorb and process information. Each project gains consistency out of the creative redundancy which offers unexpected functional and formal opportunities that occasionally erupt as pure ornament.

Studio AION 09


Prototypical Hotel Room
Arcadia Invited Competition, 2011

principals: Andrea Di Stefano, Aleksandra Jaeschke
design team: Nina Radosavljevic, Carla Landa

Arcadia Room is a hotel room prototype inscribed in a 4×10 rectangle. A system of interconnected sheets of curved plywood of varying dimensions generates the entire space. Functional requirements, which normally define the form and distribution of discrete pieces of furniture, determine the arrangement and dimensions of continuous plywood strips. Change in size and proportion alters load-bearing and bending capacities of particular elements and consequently implies variation in thickness and radius of curvature.
Use of one single material which dynamically adapts to functional requirements creates a feeling of continuity and introduces a sense of movement into a usually static and fragmented space of a typical hotel room. Natural material properties directly inform the space to become its integral part.

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