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Top 10 Free AutoCAD Block Websites

[Updated March 2016]

Firstly, we have our own CAD block library so head over to our cad block pages to check it out. I will continue to build it, and if there is anything missing you want to see just let me know and I’ll get it on here. My aim is to provide best quality blocks, to correct scales, correct layers, that make it easy for you to drop directly into your drawing with no problems. Here are just a small selection of our cad blocks below:

Our Cad Blocks

First In Architecture Cad Blocks Selection

If you still haven’t found what you need then here are our top ten alternatives. Although it is really useful to find free AutoCAD blocks and place them in your models, make sure you are a bit savvy about it. I have had many a problem with AutoCAD blocks and learnt that they are not always worth it. For example, they can be in the wrong units, crazy scales, be corrupt and damage your model, generally badly drawn, have strange layering, and the list goes on. If you are still keen to take a shortcut and find a quick and easy solution in the form of a free AutoCAD block, I have sought out the websites that seem to have the best pickings.


Screenshot 2016-02-29 11.55.06

Great selection of blocks at, you can download for free and don’t have to register. Also have good images showing you what you will get.

This site is a great starting point. It has everything from people and animals to fixtures, fittings, structural, vehicles and landscaping.

A good range and selection of CAD blocks.

There are a few good quality trees, people and cars that you can download for free on this website, or subscribe  to a paid account to access all the blocks.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 06.28.57

Syncronia has been suggested to me by a reader. It is a bit different to some of the other options here in that it provides more 3D blocks, and also textures. They are from suppliers so the quality is good and there is a wide range. Worth checking out. You have to register but the blocks are free.

Cad Architect

Cad Architect – A reasonable selection with good preview images.

Cad Corner

Cad Corner has a huge selection of blocks and details but sadly no preview images.

Autodesk Seek

Good site – American and European dimensions and generally from manufacturers and producers. A huge range of 3D, 2D, Revit, Cad and Sketchup blocks.


Bibliocad requires sign up but has a good mix of stuff – with preview images Some Free and some VIP ones.


Good selection of blocks with preview images. Recommend.


If you still haven’t found what you are looking for there is a fairly comprehensive list of sites here at Xmarks.

Please write a comment below telling us your favourite cad block site!

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  1. My favourite block cad site is, it easy to discover and search relevant block cad for our design.

  2. Great, they look very useful.
    I wanna suggest another site: You can download free BIM and CAD file for Architecture and Interior Design in different formats.

  3. For Free Cad files and free Cad dwg is so good

  4. Don’t forget – 1000’s of manufacturer approved CAD and BIM files.

    • Hey Charley – thanks for the tip – I’m planning an update to this post soon so I’ll make sure to include your website in the main body of the post 🙂 Emma

  5. Do visit (related to cad blocks, drawings, Interior- Architectural detail, Landscape detail etc.)

  6. Hello Emma,

    nice list! Im gonna be honest, this is a comment just because I want you to see our free cad-blocks site. I think it would fit the list:

    Thank you for your great work!

  7. Hi, Great content here. Thank you. I have a question. What is the deal with Bibliocad?? I wanted to find some famous master buildings to study from, but all their drawings are unitless or to some weird scale. Any ideas? According to their drawings, the height of a room is 2.35 mm……..All their cars and things are messed up to. Any ideas why or where else I can find legit drawings of famous buildings?



    • Hi Michael, From what I understand Bibliocad is essentially a collaboration site. This means that people kindly submit their work to be part of the library, that then entitles them to access to all the free and vip blocks. This means that there may not be a very thorough quality control on the submissions and results in a varying format, scale, units and of course quality. Personally I am not comfortable sharing any of the projects I am working on and I don’t think my clients would be too happy about it too – so I use some of the bibliocad blocks for my tutorials. One of the reasons I started creating my own block library and sharing it with my readers was to offer consistency and hopefully a high standard of block that can be relied upon. Bibliocad is great and has a vast selection of blocks many of which are free to use – you just have to check the drawings and be selective and take it for what it is. Don’t knock it!
      As for famous buildings – I think you would be better turning to architectural journals – Architects Journal often does building studies, Detail Magazine and many others. I think these would be better places to study famous buildings.

      • Hi Emma, thank you for your response.

        You are right, there are lot’s of good stuff on Bibliocad. What I found is that the drawing scales have been scaled way down perhaps to save file space. So some drawings can be scaled up. Whilst Detail Magazine and Architects Journal are great , I was more interested in downloading a CAD file of buildings to analyze their dimensions. Do these sites offer building studies that allow downloads?

        As a student of architecture, I’m really interested if architects these days design using proportioning systems. Or perhaps it’s more based on anthropometrics, building standards, and sizes of materials. On a side not, happy to hear your thoughts on this, too.

  8. For me it was very useful Website!

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