Saturday , 22 July 2017

Top Ten Photoshop Shapes for Architecture Students

Photoshop does so much more than touch up a photograph as I’m sure you know. There are a couple of really useful things you need to know about photoshop which I will be covering in a Photoshop Series. This one is about shapes. Photoshop comes with a few standard shapes, but it is so useful to install some of your own shapes that can really help with your design project. As custom shapes are vectors, you can scale the shapes to larger sizes with no decrease in quality.

These are my top eight useful shapes that you can download for free. If you are not sure how it works check the bottom of this post for a quick guide to installing your shapes into photoshop.

Click on any of the images to go to the shapes.

1. Loads of other shapes on this site, great if you are looking for something specific.

2. Massive collection of over 300 silhouettes – I’m sure you will find what you need here!


3. Always useful to have lots of tree options. This is a good starting point.

4. These tree groups can also be quite useful.


5. Car silhouettes – perhaps for the more urban projects.

6. I haven’t come across many shapes that would be useful for plans, but these trees can come in handy.

7. Bird shapes.

8. So, have I gone overboard on the trees?

9. Isometric shapes – you could do some interesting stuff with these.

10. Wavy lines – just because I like them!

If you aren’t sure how to install your custom shapes into photoshop, follow this link Tutorial

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