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Understanding Scales and Scale Drawings

You can download a handy pdf of this post Understanding Scale Drawings by clicking the download button below! Understanding the concept of architectural scales and scale drawings Scale drawings allow us to accurately represent sites, spaces, buildings and...

CP01 CAD Blocks Furniture

This set of cad blocks from the First In Architecture Cad Block database features living and dining furniture. I hope you find them useful.  This set of cad blocks includes: sofas tables side table coffee table chairs dining chairs book cases storage units...

Free CAD Blocks – Fences and Railings

This set of cad blocks from the First In Architecture Cad Block database features fence cad blocks and railing cad blocks in elevation. I hope you find them useful. Please feel free to download them. My free autocad block library continues to grow - if you have any...

Biomass Energy

What is biomass? Biomass is a fuel that is produced by organic means. It is derived from burning of trees or plants which have absorbed CO2 during their lifetime. So, the CO2 that is absorbed during the life of the tree or plant, is then re-released when...

Air source and ground source heat pumps

What is a heat pump? A heat pump is a system that extracts heat from a source, such as the ground, and upgrades the heat to a useful temperature. The heat is then used for space heating.  Electricity is required to convert the heat that is harvested into...

Free Download – People 03

Free People Download 03 I have been playing around with some new techniques recently, and have come up with a few more of these people. I hope you like them! They are free to download, PNG files, in colour, dark grey and white, so they are easy to drag and...

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