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Building Fabric 05 Airtightness

Why is airtightness important? Air leakage results in increased space heating demand of a building. Achieving a good level of airtightness will improve the energy efficiency of the building and the comfort of the occupants by reducing drafts and...

Free Download – People 02

Free People DownloadI have been playing around with some new techniques recently, and have come up with these people. I hope you like them! They are free to download, PNG files, in colour, dark grey and white, so they are easy to drag and drop into your...

Building Fabric 04 – Sound Insulation

You can download a free pdf of this post by clicking on the button below: As we have considered in a previous article, sound can have an impact on our physical and mental well being. Surveys have indicated that 50% of people find their home in some way...

CAD Drawing Template Download

This AutoCAD template provides you with a great starting point for your drawings.  This template is in METRIC units! AutoCAD 2010 or later. How many times have you opened a new drawing and spent too much time searching for the correct layers to use,...

Building Fabric 03 – Sunlight and Solar Gain

You can download this post as a handy pdf for free, just click on the button below. Benefits of natural lighting in our buildings   Natural light in our buildings is known to improve occupant comfort. Scientists suggest that good natural light can...

Building Fabric 02 – Insulation Materials

You can download this entire article as a handy pdf document by clicking on the button below. Introduction to insulation materials   In order to create a comfortable thermal environment in our buildings we need to maintain a constant temperature within the...

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