10 Year Round Up and Giveaway

Celebrating 10 years of First In Architecture!

In this final post celebrating 10 years of First In Architecture, we are looking back at what we have done over the years, and also looking forward to the next ten years! We also have a special offer for you so make sure you scroll to the end!


Round Up of First In Architecture over the years…


Since starting First In Architecture back in September 2012, it has been a rollercoaster ride. Since then, we have:


Published over 400 blog posts

Written 8 construction detailing books, 13 if you include the new editions.

Created 1 photoshop course

Created 50 digital downloads including Photoshop, CAD, Templates etc.


According to our analytics, First In Architecture is viewed by people in 236 countries. Given that google says there are 195 countries in the world, we must be getting some extra terrestrial visitors too!


Sent out over 1 million newsletter emails

A community of over 50,000 subscribers and always growing


Created a new Detail Library website in 2021 focusing purely on construction details and resources


We have had over 25 million views of the website so far….

First In Architecture is on…

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So What About the Future…?

So that is what we have done so far, but what do we have planned for the next ten years?!


Well, I can certainly say there will be plenty more blog posts and articles focusing on the topics that you want to know more about. As always, if you need help with something, let us know and we will create a guide for you!


We plan to write more books, and keep updating our existing books. We are already working on two books at the moment that we hope to publish in 2023. Watch this space.


We also have a brand new course in the pipeline for 2023/2024, more on that in our email newsletters. (Make sure you are subscribed)

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Our goal is always to continue to provide a valuable service to all of our customers and readers. We hope that after visiting First In Architecture, you come away feeling like we have been able to help you out, and that you are a part of our community, the community of architecture and construction. We are here to provide support and guidance, in the best way we can so you have someone alongside you as you go through your studies and career.


How Can We Improve?


10 years is a good milestone to look back at what we have achieved, but it is also a time to take stock, and see how we can be better. If you have any suggestions for us to improve, provide a better service and make more of a difference, please let us know. You can either comment below, or send an email to hello@firstinarchitecture.co.uk – all comments and suggestions welcome 🙂


To Round Up Our 10 Year Celebrations


So, to finish off our celebrations, we have a couple of special offers for you!

Special Discount


We are offering a very special one week discount on ALL our products in the shop. So, if you have been thinking about buying our books, templates, cad blocks, photoshop downloads or anything else, now is the time.


Enter the code CELEBRATE20  at checkout to get 20% of any purchase. This is only available for a very limited time, expiring midnight 30 September 2022. Hurry and get your discount now!

The Special Discount has now expired. 

Five Book Package Giveaway


We are giving away two copies of our five book digital bundle. To enter, all you need to do is comment on this post, telling us how First In Architecture has helped you in your studies or work.


We will pick two winners at random from all the comments.


Entries are now closed – the winners will be announced soon. Winners will be contact via email, up to a week after the closing date. 

Thank you…

Finally, I want to thank you again for helping me get First In Architecture to 10 years!

I appreciate you being here, reading the blog posts, downloading the content, buying the books, reading the emails – it really means a lot. All of your support and encouragement has been amazing. Thank you!

I am looking forward to working on First In Architecture for another 10 years and beyond 🙂

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work over the years Emma and co! Your resources are top quality and very, very helpful!

    • Congratulations FirstInArchitecture for your endless hard work. Your masterpieces helps me and others to survive architecture school.

      • Competition layouts and templates are incredibly helpful for different layout options! Always checking back here to see what else yous can help me with. The cad blocks too are such a time saver. Congratulations on 10 years

  2. The details in the very accurate, and have provide valuable for both the Client & Contractor when I presented them on my drawings

  3. Just a quick congratulations to First in Architecture.
    I think the platform is a great resource providing clear and concise technical information relevant to practicing architects.
    I follow the blog and have purchased the Passivehaus pack which is most informative, particularly the cad and sketchup files.
    I am sure this is in the post but a Net Zero Carbon equivalent would be useful.
    Best of luck

  4. Amazing job with everything on your site, I’m currently second year Arch student and love to read through your content.

  5. Just wanted to say congrats Emma, have really enjoyed the posts over the years – I remember when the site started! All the best, Mark

  6. I really struggled to get to grips with detailing throughout university and subsequently the start of my career, I found that whenever I googled something I was unsure of, First in Architecture would always pop up and the article would be easy to understand, navigate, and contain breakdowns of sometimes quite complex information! The residential details have been so helpful as I’ve started out my freelance work and have given me confidence that I can detail with the a little bit of help from your useful diagrams! I love that all the details are categorised by construction type, materials with details on U-Values etc. The diagrams are extremely helpful and I appreciate how much time goes into creating this content. It’s also great that you take the time to update content as technology in our industry continues to evolve!

  7. I’ve been following first in architecture before I joined my architecture school. It has been really helpful since then. Back in my school days, I’ve recommended almost every freshers from our department to have a look on guides, cad blocks, photoshop courses and today almost every students in my school knows about first in architecture and have used them

  8. Nice job, one of the best books I ever bought and certainly don’t regret it. Bravo you rock architecture.

  9. Happy anniversary Emma and First in Architecture. Congratulations on ten years of brilliant service!

    Your eBooks, informative blog posts and free downloads have been an indispensable resource to me during the last decade, seeing me through my architectural education and subsequent career as an architect. It has inspired me to follow your example and openly share my skills and resources with others in the creative field.

    In the next five years, I similarly hope to follow in your and Eric Reinholdt’s (30X40) footsteps and explore different ways to engage people in architecture.

    Thanks again,

  10. I love your Website and Posts! Great details in a clear and precise format that’s easy to understand when your learning and for future understand.

  11. my go to page for details….again and again

  12. I have used the services for a few months now and the product is excellent. If used properly, the use will save a huge amount of time, and saved time equates to additional income.
    The quality of the sectional drawings is outstanding, I use then all the time.

  13. A superb resource website for all things architecture.

  14. I started using First in Arch on my first day of undergrad when we were asked to ‘do site analysis’ and I had no idea where to begin and I still check it nearly qualified! The details have helped save me hours of sifting through outdated textbooks.

    Congrats on 10 years.

  15. I have read your posts or emails since I discovered your website. I am just now learning AutoCAD and the design of modern up-to-date building demands. The resources you have posted are highly beneficial. I review and learn methods from your AutoCAD drawings, especially your section views. I understand that the UK learners and probably 90 % of your faithful live and work in “Metrics Land,” but it would be helpful if you could supply drawings also in Imperial form for your followers in the “Colonies.” My most valuable comment would be “keep up your good work.”

  16. Hi there, I’ve previously bought detail package, and has proven very valuable, even in South Africa.

  17. Congratulations, really well done in producing such an extensive library of knowledge.

  18. I am a proffesional with over 15 years of experience, and I teach architecture at the Uni. Yet the resources from Emma are amazing help!

  19. Thank you for all the materials you provide! They are very valuable. I think you are helping more young architects than all the professors combined… HAPPY BIRTHDAY and GOOD LUCK for all your next years!

  20. This has been great in updating existing details. Also helping explain details and concepts to others such as airtightness, insulation and thermal bridging. Thank you.

  21. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

  22. I stumbled upon FIA during my first year of undergrad study as I was hopeless in doing presentation board layouts. Thankfully the templates offered here managed to save my skin and has helped me to deliver a stunning presentation. I’ve went on to purchase the Site Analysis pack which is another lifesaver for my final project as well. I’d highly recommend FIA’s resources for anyone pursuing Architecture or Interior Design both in their studies and professional work.

    Looking forward to more resources from First in Architecture!

  23. An interesting resource for those limited to AutoDesk and Windows PCs. Useful but not so relevant to the rest of us.

  24. Always helpful!

  25. I came across First Architecture while looking for several architectural dimensions.
    I am still struck by the amount of details input and the experience the website boasts.
    Thank you for providing free infrequent, non-intrusive, yet engaging e-mails to the architectural and civil engineering community.

    I wish you to keep up the excellent work, and may we all, through your resources, produce impactful results and become First in Architecture.

    Happy 10th Anniversary!

  26. Of the packages/documents I have viewed. These have been invaluable to my learning and studies. As a mature student / assistant quantity surveyor (career path change). I wanted to get up to speed as quickly as possible within specific areas of construction that my employer specialises in and these details have been a massive help to gaining that understanding/foundation of knowledge to build on in the day to day activities of my role.

    The more the better in my option – so the giveaway would only add much more value to me.

  27. Congratulations Emma!! Great resources I have used for study & now work and have recommended this page to various people. Keep up the amazing work

  28. Thanks for your fantastic work!
    Your content helps me mainly by increasing productivity and effectiveness!
    Which generates more money in less time!
    So my family thank you as well!

  29. Congratulations to Emma and the team.. First in Architecture has been a massively valuable resource to support my studies and will no doubt to continue to offer useful insight for future work too. Thankyou!

  30. Many thanks Emma for all your assistance and great information, a fantastic resource

  31. A superb confidence boosting resource that gives that little bit of hand-holding that I so often need. Thankyou.

  32. The generosity you show by offering fine details for free is exceeded only by the professionalism and advanced understanding you display in your books. Well Done Emma, Well Done.

  33. I would not let this opportunity pass to possibly win the First In Architecture giveaway. The books created are a great source of construction knowledge and it has always been on my wish list. The First in Architecture website has always been my first point of reference for anything architecture related such as blocks, calculating slope gradients and many more. It has everything essential for all architects, young and old! I think it’s awesome what they have done and they keep adding more.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Kind regard


  34. I regularly use your material for teaching architecture students. Very clearly presented and saves me a lot of time.

  35. Thank you Emma! For everything you’ve done to ease our struggles with construction and building detailing. I appreciate it more than you know!

  36. Congratulations on 10 years! Your websites – both First in Architecture and Details – have been invaluable for me setting up my own practice, moving from commerical to residential architecture. Details are always well researched and in line with trade body guidance and regs. Thank you for being there and creating a community of support.

  37. Greetings from Maine, USA. It’s been a pleasure to see UK/EU building science carried out in clear graphic details by Emma and the First In Architecture team. So much to learn. I’d like to see these details carried over to North America to help us build better buildings here. I think we are so stuck in the “old school” ways it will be take a First In Architecture intervention to change this. Congrats on your 10 year Anniversary and can’t wait to see what will happen in the next decade! Cheers

  38. Congratulations on your work. Your details are beautifully drawn. I only wish you would produce the Commercial details for the US construction standards. Please consider it as a priority. No one else is doing this to the level that you are.

  39. You filled a niche that was sorely missing in the industry and architectural education. The clarity and breadth of your details have the potential to single-handedly raise the standard re: quality, sustainability, and performance of buildings across the globe. Would love to see these “translated” for American building standards as well. If that’s something you’d be interested in doing, there’s no doubt a huge market for it here. Cheers!

  40. HEY I am an Archi student from Greece and hope more people could see this awesome and helpful work. Construction Details adds more freshness on my project posters. I hope I collect every book so i can show my mates. Keep up!

  41. I have subscribed to your site since the start of your journey and continue to be impressed with the level of detail and information. I am only a small one man band who has provided plans for clients for a variety of projects from simple lean-to structures to full timber framed two storey extensions. The 3D details in particular have helped my clients fully understand what was involved with their buildings but also helped me as the actual builder as well as the designer to make sure all the elements needed were applied correctly. The clarity of those details was also commented on by planning and building inspectors as well. You certainly inspired me and gave confidence for my clients especially we’re very grateful. Thank you very much. And I wish you continued success over the next 10 years.

  42. We really appreciate the easiness and access of this product.
    It makes it very easy to get high quality details at a fingertips reach,
    Allowing us to focus our time on other areas of need.
    Much success and please keep this great product evolving.
    Eager to see what other products you come out with.

  43. Hi Emma,

    Since I have discovered “first in Architecture” towards the end of my first year of university I felt like having an extra teacher prompt to answer all my questions and take away any doubts and stress.

    The quality of the information and the technical details helped me understand and love more everything about Architecture.

    Keep up the great work and look forward to see/read more about the new projects in the making.

  44. Congrats Emma, the resources you provided were so valuable. I enjoyed them and used them in my work, but most importantly I shared a lot of your blogs with my students, after I started teaching Design, about 15 months ago.
    All the best in your journey, keep it up .

  45. The amount of detail, work, and effort put into these details is unmatched. The 3D modeling in conjunction with the 2D details is a workload. I work in both 2D and 3D so the familiarity with what goes into this is immense. this has helped convey the construction world in its entirety to the next wave of designing buildings. The world is going 3D, Virtual reality and this is only the beginning, an extremely well-built foundation to say the least. My gratitude is 10-fold and thank you, Emma, greatly for the amount of work put into this.

  46. Hi Emma, from Sydney Australia.

    Have been using your details and your site as a reference to support a new version of the Building Code in Australia that simplifies the application of various rules and regulations that impact on building and design.

    Your details and drawings are a prime example of communication of what designers and builders need to successfully construct the new buildings of today and the future.

  47. Hi Emma,

    Your books where a great help over the course of my studies in university. Details of the various construction methods, current building regs, stair design and the U value calcs were very useful.

    I continue to use these books as a resource now in my professional career.

    Very grateful for your work 🙂

    Thanks and good luck on your next 10 years!!!

  48. I have heard some really good things about the quality of the information you produce, so I’m looking forward to seeing it for myself.

  49. Been following you for years, and have been impressed with the quality and quantity of information you provide to the community. You are a gift to the profession.

  50. Absolutely love these resources. They have provided me with a great source of detail design information so continued good work to you all and can’t wait to see what more details you will provide your growing community with 🙂

  51. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary! Thank you for all the content you share, advice you give and direction you provide for further reading, tutorials and wisdom. As I have written in an email to you, a google search for a detail or advice can often result in what ‘Joe Bloggs’ did to his house which may not be the best advice! FIA is a trusted source though and what I also like is that the info is not just for students, or those who have been in the game a while, it is useful to all and is clear to understand.

  52. Congratulations Emma for the great website, books and posts over the years!

  53. Congratulations Emma and the FIA team on reaching the 10year mark in the architecture space.

    It is beautiful to see a laudable idea blossom into a relevant resource with a secure place in the future.

    Thank you, more team grease and keep up the good work!

  54. Don’t ever change.
    Having been in business for over 10 years myself with no-one to fall back on I really appreciate how you have identified a gaping hole in the market and filled it with aplomb.
    Even this far into the profession I find myself scratching around for detail resolution with no specific party to find useful direction from. Thanks for your work, I will be keeping my eye out for everything new that drops.


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