17 Best Websites For Architecture Inspiration



This post is all about the best websites for architecture inspiration. With so many architectural inspiration websites online, we know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find the best ones. This is why we put together a list of the best websites to help you easily access the most inspiring architectural content.

Architecture websites in general offer a wealth of information and are incredible sources of inspiration. From visually stunning images of successful architecture projects that can be used as precedents for your designs to insightful interviews with architects and designers offering unique perspectives, there is a lot that you can explore and learn from.

These websites are also a fantastic way to stay informed and updated on what is up and coming within the architecture industry. With the majority of these architecture websites offering newsletter subscriptions, you can have the latest updates straight to your inbox.

So, if you are an architect or student looking to spark your creativity, or simply an architecture enthusiast, we recommend you keep on reading till the very end!

17 Best Websites For Architecture Inspiration

Here are some of the best websites for architecture inspiration that we think you should explore:


Dezeen is a very popular magazine with a well-established readership. Its website offers insightful updates on the worlds of architecture, interiors, design, and technology. The Architecture section houses an impressive range of projects with quality project information, images, and architectural drawings.

The website features different formats of content including Interviews with designers, an editorial Series that dives deep into current industry topics, popular Opinion, Talks and also Videos.

In addition to this, Dezeen has other notable sections like the Dezeen Showroom which highlights product and material brands and can be a great place to find some product inspiration. They even have the Dezeen School Shows where student work is displayed and celebrated. The Dezeen Events Guide gives you a list of current architecture and design events taking place worldwide. And finally, their annual Dezeen Awards programme is an excellent place to discover exceptional work.

Dezeen also has a newsletter that you can subscribe to in order to stay updated on everything related to design.


Similar to Dezeen, Archdaily is also quite a well-known architecture website among architects and students. It covers a wide variety of architectural Projects, each with the photographs and drawings curated in an image gallery. They also have organised layouts that give you all the key project specs and descriptions.

You can create an account on this website and are able to save projects to ‘Folders’ to make your own library of precedents.

Archdaily has a dedicated Products and BIM section which can be useful for material, product, and equipment related inspiration. Their Professionals section lists out the top architecture firms and their portfolios. And finally, the News section keeps you informed on all the top industry stories.

You can access a lot more of their content when you click on the hamburger menu (triple bar icon). Interesting categories include Interviews with different designers, Videos that tell you the stories behind successful projects and City Guides that give you valuable intel to help make your architectural trips even more exciting. Archdaily also has a Competitions section that lists out all the ongoing competitions that may be useful for avid competition participants.

They also have their own annual Building of the Year Awards,an excellent way to keep up with the finest architectural achievements globally.


Divisare is a carefully curated and easy to navigate architecture website that is designed to inspire you. It is like a web archive containing a diverse array of projects that are neatly organised into categories. With very minimal distractions, the site adopts an ‘atlas of architecture’ concept which grows horizontally rather than the typical vertical layout of modern-day blog sites. This ensures that all their content remains accessible over time. They describe their model to be based on that of a bookcase that they continue to meticulously work on, constantly curating and refining.

There are three main categories you can access their content from: ‘Projects,’ ‘Designers’ and ‘Photographers.’ Each of these are further divided into collections that you can explore. They also provide filter and sort settings to make your searches easier. Each of the showcased projects has its own page comprising all the project information, photographs, and drawings.

You do get to scroll for free up to a certain point but then get prompted to subscribe for full access. You can get free access if you are a teacher, student, or a part of one of their selected associations but are required to pay if you are a professional. Once you have logged in, you can use the ‘Add to Collection’ feature, available on certain project images to curate your own collection.

Divisare also sells pocket size books, printed in limited copies of 200. These are designed to encourage you to slow down and spend time away from your screens.


Designboom is another great website to help fuel your creativity. It covers a mixture of architecture, art, design, and technology related content. You will find more sections under the ‘Since 1999’ tab on the main navigation bar. The Architecture section houses all the inspirational contemporary projects presented in the typical blog style format, complete with project descriptions and visuals that you can use as precedents or for case studies.

As well as this, they deliver content as Interviews and Videos. They have their own Product Library and Design Directory which are comprehensive databases of various materials, products, manufacturers, and brands. These can be good points of reference when envisioning the use of spaces. The products and brands are categorised, allowing you to apply filters to find exactly what you are looking for. You can even ‘favourite’ items of your choice. Their Competitions section is a great place to browse ongoing competitions that you may wish to partake in.

Designboom also offers a newsletter that you can register for.

5. Architizer​



Architizer is an architectural website covering all the relevant topics for architects and students. The Projects section is where you will find all the latest architecture projects. Each project page is clearly laid out with the project information set out on the left and the images taking up most of the space. When you click on each image, you get a handy list of the brands and products used in the project.

The website also has an Images section if you are specifically looking for visual inspiration. Along with this, they provide Product Search and a Brand Directory which are helpful databases you can use to search for materials, products, or even manufacturers. The Journal blog section covers a plethora of topics from practice advice to product guides, competitions, and more.

Further to this, they host their own annual A+ Awards for both buildings and products. You can draw inspiration from the winners here.

Architizer also lets you create an account on their website.

Finally, their sister website Architizer Tech provides cool technology related tools and advice for architects and professionals to better their design workflow.


Dwell is a design magazine all about homes, showcasing different ways of dwelling. The website is well organised and divided into sections. Home Tours displays various contemporary home inspirations from across the globe. The Photos section offers stunning visuals of projects and allows you to filter them by specific areas of the home, making it easy to find design ideas suited to your needs.

Their Projects section is a collection of home projects, showcasing diverse architectural styles and innovative designs. Each project has a gallery of images followed by descriptions about the project.

Dwell also has other useful pages such as the Shop page which can be beneficial for product inspiration and its featured shopping guides. They also provide extensive advice through their Home Guides to help both novice and experienced homeowners navigate different aspects of home design and improvement.

You can create a Dwell Profile for free and save your favourite project images. You can also create your own collection of images or save entire collections from the Collections webpage.

The Dwell+ articles and print formats do require a subscription. They offer a 30 day free trial for the online access only option.


The Metropolis Magazine showcases architecture and interior design related news. They consider current issues and strive for a better future of the built environment and the planet.

Their Sustainability section has the latest industry updates on the topic. They also provide a Climate Toolkit for Interior Design and a Deep Green Podcast which you can listen to on Spotify.

The Projects section highlights successful project stories and the Products page is all about the latest materials, products and technology with a sustainability focus. Additionally their Profiles and Viewpoints sections provide conversations with designers showcasing their innovative design thinking and approaches.

Metropolis has a Future 100 programme that sheds light on both architecture and interior design work produced by undergraduate and graduate students in the United States and Canada. This can be quite useful for students to draw inspiration from the quality of work being produced across other schools of architecture.

They also host the annual Metropolis Planet Positive Awards, celebrating outstanding sustainable design achievements in architecture and interior design.

You can join their free newsletter for regular updates.

8. ​RIBA Journal


The RIBA Journal

The RIBA Journal is one of the best places to stay up to date with all the current built environment news in the UK.

The website has well organised sections that help to inspire and inform professionals and enthusiasts in the field. The Buildings page is home to all the noteworthy architecture projects across different sectors. You will also find the RIBA Award winners under this section with detailed descriptions, images, and insights into the award-winning buildings and the architects behind them.

The RIBA Journal’s Intelligence section provides intel on architectural practice and related topics like business strategies, climate action and more. The Culture section explores the industry through diverse perspectives, while the Learning page provides educational CPD resources for professionals. And lastly, their Products section sheds light on emerging technologies in architecture and construction.

Full access is available exclusively to RIBA members or the Journal subscribers. Non-subscribers can read a limited number of articles for free each month before needing to purchase a subscription for complete access. They also offer a newsletter.

RIBA Presidents Medals

The RIBA Presidents Medals are awards that recognize student projects of exceptional standards. The website offers a curated collection of past winners and finalists. From innovative design approaches to eye catching representation styles, there is a lot to be explored.

The RIBA Presidents Medals website serves as a vital platform for aspiring architecture students to learn from exemplary work and aspire to achieve similar levels of excellence in their own architectural projects.


Icon is an established architecture and design magazine that covers a diverse range of remarkable content. Their Architecture section features visually engaging architecture, innovative designs, trends, and insightful commentary from design professionals. The inspiring articles provide in-depth project information and stunning photographs.

The Design page provides a platform for contemporary design trends and innovations whilst their Opinion page focuses on depicting differing perspectives and critical analyses that help to promote discourse within the creative industries.

Icon’s print issues are for a price, however you can create an account with them and read all their Digital Issues for free. They also have a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to.

11. The Local Project



The Local Project

The Local Project provides the latest architectural updates in Australia, New Zealand, and North America. They utilise different media to explore the creative design sphere.

Their Articles section is all about architecture, interior design, and product design. The content is well-organised and filterable by topic. This section also covers local news and events related to the design industry. The website features stunning imagery and comprehensive project galleries. The Video page is where you can explore select projects in more depth.

The Local Marketplace section has the Product Directory which displays all the local design related products. You can also use the Profiles section to discover regional brands and firms.

The Local Project also presents the (Emerging) Designer Awards spotlighting promising designers, whose journeys are worth following.

Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is a website offering a great deal of useful content for the architecture and design community.

Their Architect page contains some helpful guidance on the process of becoming an architect for students in America. If you scroll all the way down on this page, you can find guides on famous architects.

The Architecture section has a collection of latest architecture projects as well as explorations of the work of famous architects in their classics series. You can find in-depth articles from rooms to furnishing options and more in their Design and Decorate category.

Architecture Lab also has Software and BIM and Products sections providing a wealth of information on architectural software and products.

Finally, the News page is where you will find the latest trends and insights. You can sign up to their newsletter to stay informed.

13. ​Architecture Today


Architecture Today

Architecture Today is another excellent website for browsing architectural inspiration.

In their Forum section they cover diverse topics and perspectives pertaining to architectural practice, research and more. The Works page displays a collection of inspiring projects from around the globe.

The Specification section is of great value as it contains a Materials Library with interviews from architectural firms discussing their material choices. It also includes an “Ask the Expert” series, where specialists and professionals answer questions about various building materials. They also offer a School of Specification course.

The Architecture Today Awards that they host, feature informative video presentations from winners, providing valuable insights and inspiration.

Additionally, you can find the latest industry Events and engaging Podcasts on the website. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop.

Architecture Today offers subscriptions for their print magazine and ARB-registered architects may qualify for a free subscription.


14. The Modern House Journal


The Modern House Journal

The Modern House is a valued estate agency. Their Journal website offers a great deal of residential inspiration, featuring diverse content such as property showcases, interviews with designers and artists, and lifestyle tips.

In the Home category, you’ll find all the useful articles showcasing beautifully designed houses in the UK, offering numerous architectural ideas.

Their Podcast and Film sections feature insightful interviews, allowing architects to glance into the creative processes of leading designers.

You can stay inspired by subscribing to the Modern House Journal’s newsletter.

The Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter is a trendy design and pop culture website that caters to a worldwide audience of creatives.

The Architecture category covers home and office projects, which can be used by architects to inform their own designs. Their articles are well organised with a good balance of project information and eye-catching visuals.

The Design section provides more of a broader scope of inspiration, covering garden, interiors, products, restaurant and bars, stores and transportation projects.

They also provide contemporary art content alongside useful travel reviews and lifestyle tips.

The Cool Hunter also has a mailing list that you can join to get the latest news and updates.


Architonic magazine is an extensive database for architects and designers. They capture top stories in the industry and distribute expert knowledge to the design community.

Their website covers a wide variety of architecture content that you can easily search for using the categories and filters available. This becomes very useful when you are on the lookout for something specific.

You will also find a lot of inspiration for products and manufacturers. You can even download catalogues for certain products after filling out a short form or by registering for a free account.

You can stay up to date with exclusive insights by signing up to Architonic’s newsletter.


Design Milk

Design Milk is an impressive website that covers a wide variety of topics including architecture, art, interior design, lifestyle, fashion, technology, travel and more.

You will find all their content categories under the Read toggle button. The Architecture category is where you will find all the in-depth articles on remarkable contemporary projects. Their Commercial section focuses on office-related designs, providing insights into innovative and efficient workspace solutions.

Design Milk also features a variety of interesting columns. For example, the Designer Desktop column offers free high-quality wallpapers in various formats to help jazz up your digital workspace. Another fascinating series that pairs well with the commercial section is Where I Work, which explores the workspace and equipment that helps fuel the creativity and productivity of some of today’s leading designers and architects.

Design Milk also has a newsletter that is intended to help modernise your life.

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We hope our list of inspirational architecture websites will become a go-to resource for you, when you are in need of a high-quality precedent or are perhaps looking to stay well informed with architecture news.

Since architecture websites often go through updates, we encourage you to explore each of the mentioned sites at length when time permits.

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Written by Valanne Fernandes, a Part 1 Architecture graduate. Valanne is a content creator with First In Architecture, spending her time researching, writing and designing inspiring new content for the website.

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