Architects Guide The Complete Package – Review

Today I am going to take a look at The Architects Guide – Complete Package by Brandon Hubbard. The Architects Guide Complete Package is a selection of resources that will essentially guide you through your architecture career. He offers truly valuable advice on interviews, applications, resumes, salaries, portfolios and so much more. Brandon has kindly offered all First In Architecture readers a 20% discount on the Complete Package – all you need to do is enter FIA20 at checkout.

About Brandon

Brandon is a specialist when it comes to careers. He has experience working with practices from around the world, including Foster + Partners in London. Brandon is now based in California. He enjoys helping and guiding people through the employment process, sharing with you the techniques required to be a successful applicant. He also looks at helping you achieve your career goals. The guide is relevant no matter where in the world you are as many of the tips, and information remains universal.

Lets Look at the Guide

The Complete Package contains everything you need to find your dream architecture job. It is suitable for all career levels whether you have just graduated or have been in architecture for some years. The content includes:

  • Portfolios eGuide
  • Applications eGuide
  • Interviews eGuide
  • Interview Flashcards
  • Salary Negotiation Guide
  • Sample 2-page Portfolio

These guides are extremely detailed walkthroughs of every stage of the application process.

Applications Guide

Brandon guides you through all aspects of the application process and how to get noticed. What is really interesting is that he has interviewed some of the top architect practices to find out from them what they are looking for. You can’t find this kind of information anywhere else. It is so valuable to gain insight into the hiring process and be able to align your approach.

Some areas that the guide focuses on:

  • How to prepare your application to get noticed
  • What the top companies are looking for
  • How to format your letters, resumes and portfolios
  • How to apply
  • How to get good references
  • How to submit your application

Portfolios Guide

Absolutely packed full of examples, this guide looks at your initial application portfolio through to your interview portfolio.

Some areas that the guide focuses on:

  • How to format your portfolio
  • Details on why portfolios are successful
  • How to choose your portfolio content
  • What practices look for
  • Why you need multiple portfolios

A lot of people really lack confidence when putting together their portfolio. This guide will certainly put you at ease and enable you to make good decisions that will impress your potential employer. This guide has over 400 pages of examples and guidance that will set you up to put together a great portfolio.

Interviews Guide

No matter the size of the company you are interviewing with, the Interview Guide will make sure you are all bases covered and are fully prepared.

The guide looks at some of the following:

  • Sample interview questions with detailed responses
  • A look at how companies make hiring decisions
  • How to conduct yourself on a phone or web interview
  • Types of questions to prepare for
  • How to follow up after the interview
  • How to negotiate

There is no point spending loads of time getting the application right, perfecting your cv and portfolio, only to be completely under prepared for the interview and fall at the final hurdle. Make sure you are ready!

Interview Flashcards

The interview flashcards are a great idea. The cards offer great coaching advice to get you to think about why the interviewer is asking the questions, helping you to understand what kind of answer you need to give them.

The cards feature over 80 of the most asked architecture job interview questions, with guidance on responses. It helps you to provide clear concise answers and reduce the waffle!


Salary Negotiation Guide

The final part of the Complete Package. This guide gives you the confidence to negotiate a suitable salary package from the job offer you have secured. Considerations need to be made beyond the monetary, and all other aspects of the package need to be taken into consideration. This guide helps you to take a view of what is being offered, and whether it is suitable for your needs. A really clear and valuable asset to the job application process.


If you are currently looking for a job in architecture, just graduated or considering your next career move, the Complete Package is the only thing for you to ensure you get the awesome job you are looking for! It is something that I would recommend you have on your computer ready for when you need it. Excellent valuable advice.

Don’t forget the special 20% discount for First In Architecture readers. Just enter FIA20 at checkout.

My favourite Tools and Resources

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