Welcome to the Architectural Design Process

I have pulled together all the guides and information from the website that I think will be useful to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the architectural design process. We look at developing the client brief, working on the site analysis, developing concepts and much more.

Many of these articles have a pdf version you can download, and save to your computer for easy reference later on.

I hope you find these useful as you start your design process!

The architectural design process can be approached in a number of ways by different designers, in this post we explore the process.

The Architectural Design Brief - Checklist

In this article we list out some really great advice to help you develop and understand the design brief. We look at communicating with the client, and what sort of questions to ask in order to help the client develop the brief.

Architecture Site Analysis Guide

This article is packed full of advice for carrying out an architectural site analysis. We look at why you take a site analysis, the different things to look for, desktop studies, a complete checklist. Then we move on to evaluating the analysis and finally presenting the data you have collected.

In this post, I look at data mapping and visualisation. As architects, we need to collect various types of data to inform our design. Here, we look at the data we are collecting, and how to visualise this data in order to gain insights into the project and aid development of design solutions.

There are many aspects to carrying out a site analysis and the desktop study makes up an important part of the site analysis.

Site Analysis Site Visit Guide

There are many things you will be looking for when you carry out your site visit, and in order to record some of this information you will need to take a few items with you that will make things a bit easier.

Architecture Precedent Study and Analysis FI

In architecture, precedents are used widely and you will no doubt be asked to refer to precedents during your educational and professional career. In this article we explore what a precedent is, and how to use a precedent to inform your design.

How To Develop Architectural Concepts

In this article we look at how to develop an architectural concept. What is a concept, a design philosophy and a design problem? We will look at all of these and unpick them one by one.


Packed full of ideas for your architectural concepts. 

We look at the best books that will help you with your architectural concepts and design process. 

Prior to starting the design, it is necessary to define the parameters of the project, and draw upon the extensive research that has been carried out so far.

Technical Drawing - Elevations and Sections

We look at the basics of designing with form. Specifically we will start by looking at form and how it responds to conditions of function, purpose and context.

In this post we look at the basis of designing openings in your project. Some things to consider include position, light and view. 

passive solar design FI

As part of our Design Basics series we are looking at many of the different aspects of the architectural design process. In this post we explore passive solar design.

Architects use drawings all the time. Architects use sketches to illustrate ideas and intentions, reinforce concepts and solve problems. Drawing is a way of representing something, a scene, a room an idea…. This is why the skill of architectural drawing is an essential tool for designing, and exploring the built environment around us.