Architecture CV Template Pack

CV Templates for Architecture

We have put together an amazing set of 4 Architecture CV templates! They are in both InDesign and Photoshop formats for easy editing. [Must have a basic knowledge of either InDesign or Photoshop to use these templates].

These templates will set you up to create an amazing eye catching CV, which you can take to the next level with our additional bonus items included in this pack [see below].

What I love about these templates is they save you the time of designing something from scratch, but allow you the freedom and flexibility to make the CV your own.

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**Bonus Font Combinations**

We have put together our favourite font combinations to use in your professional CV. What is really great about these font combinations is they can be used as a starting point for you to create your brand. You can select these fonts to be used across all of your professional materials – your CV, your Portfolio, Cover Letter and Business Cards. This will immediately give you a professional edge on your competitors. Consistency is key!

**Bonus Action Verbs and Adjectives**

A long list of over 150 verbs and adjectives that you can use in your CV!

Sometimes it’s a struggle to think of the right things to say on your CV – I know, I get it! This vast list of action verbs, and adjectives, will give you the inspiration you need to write about the great things you have done during your studies and career. Sometimes you just need a nudge to help you come up with great content for your CV – think of this list as a little nudge!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the pack (and its a big pack!) with this CV template bundle with bonus features!

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My favourite Tools and Resources

I have curated a list of some of the tools and resources I would strongly recommend for anyone studying or working in Architecture.