Architecture Presentation Board Templates

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Architecture Presentation Board Templates

A selection of five Architecture Presentation Board Templates in Photoshop. I know that you can spend hours trying to get the layout of your presentation board just right – and sometimes, you don’t really know where to start. 

These templates are designed to help you speed up your process, create a strong design identity, and save you a huge amount of time.

The architecture presentation board templates can be adapted to suit your own style, and altered according to your own projects.

The templates include placeholders, text layouts and instructions. You can simply insert your images into the placeholders, and amend the text accordingly. The templates are fully editable so you can easily adjust them to your own style.

The bundle comes with our suggested ‘fonts for architects’ along with a tutorial video on how to use the templates. 

Theses templates are A1 size, in .psd photoshop format. 

Architecture Presentation Board Templates 2

If you have any questions about the templates then please feel free to drop me an email, or get in touch via the contact page.

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