Architecture Site Analysis Symbols – Set 2

Site Analysis Symbols




The Site Analysis process involves effectively representing your research and findings. Typically this takes the form of some sort of map or diagram. 

You can learn more about this in the ‘Diagramming your findings’ section of our Site Analysis Guide:

Architecture Site Analysis Guide – Data Collection to Presentation (

So in order to help you enhance your drawings, we have put together this great selection of site analysis symbols. It is super easy to download and will save you time spent on searching or making such symbols.


This set draws inspiration from Kevin Lynch’s book –  ‘The Image of the City’ which describes making mental maps of the city using five key elements that are used to represent the city.


The five elements are:

  • paths: means through which people move throughout the city
  • edges: organizing features that break up areas
  • districts: areas with common features
  • nodes: points of intersection, concentration and orientation 
  • landmarks: easy to recognise objects used for orientation
Site Analysis Symbols
Site Analysis Symbols
The city centre of Boston and the surrounding areas. Mapbox, OpenStreetMap.

If you wish to read the book, click on the link below:

Image_of_the_City.djvu (


Site Analysis Symbols
Kevin Lynch’s city image elements. Picture by Lucas Lindsey.


What’s included in the Site Analysis Symbols – Set 2?

Site Analysis Symbols - Set 2

All the key site analysis symbols all in one place.

Over 200 symbols to add to your site analysis diagrams!


The set features:

Assortment of Lines (straight, zig-zag, wavy) 

Assortment of Shapes (circles, triangles, squares) 

Assortment of Arrows

All of the above can be used to represent:

  • Site Boundaries

  • Existing Buildings 

  • Main roads

  • Paths

  • Zoning/Districts

  • Obstructions

  • Nodes

  • Districts

  • Edges

  • Public access

  • Vehicular access

  • Pedestrian access

  • Views – Aspect/Prospect


Sun + Sun path


Vegetation (trees and hedges)

Transport Icons

Landmark Icons

North arrows

Sound icons


OS Map icons


The download is available in 3 formats:

Illustrator (.ai file) 

Photoshop (.psd file) 

AutoCAD (.dwg file)


Each category of symbols is organised in layers, with each symbol ready to be copied into your site analysis drawing. 

Some symbols are individual objects, whereas others are a Group of objects. These are easy to edit and change to your liking.





site analysis symbols

Example Diagram


Here is a site diagram we created to show what you can achieve using our Site Analysis Symbols:

site analysis symbols

Illustrator Tips



To uniformly scale a symbol in Illustrator:

Hold down the Shift key while using the Transform tool.


To scale a symbol as well as the stroke, be sure to do the following:

Select the symbol

Choose Object > Transform 

Select Scale tool

Check the ‘Scale strokes and effects’ box 


Changing grouped Symbol Colours

Some of the symbols are grouped objects. To change the colour of these:

Select the symbol

Choose Object > Ungroup

Change individual objects to desired colour


Maintaining Vectors

In order to preserve the vector quality of the symbols:

Individually copy the symbols from the Illustrator file

Paste into Photoshop as a ‘Smart Object’

Interested in getting some more Site Analysis Symbols?


Check out our hand drawn Site Analysis symbols set, available in various formats here:

Useful Site Analysis Symbols Download First In Architecture

Site Analysis Symbols CAD, Revit, ArchiCAD – First In Architecture



We hope these symbols help you create some cool visuals as you analyse your sites!

Thank you for reading! 


Your Comments

Did you enjoy learning about Kevin Lynch and his way of visualising the city? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, feel free to share your creations with these symbols.

Thank you!

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