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I have pulled together all the useful guides and information that I think will be useful to any new architecture students.

Many of these articles have a pdf version you can download, and save to your computer for easy reference later on.

I hope you find these useful as you start your studies in architecture!

In this article we list out some really great advice from the First In Architecture Community, along with our recommended essentials items to get you started. Worth checking this one out.

This article is packed full of advice for anyone looking for a laptop for their architecture studies. I list out all the system requirements for the most used software and what kind of credentials you should be looking for in a laptop. You can download the complete guide for your own reference.

In this post, I have put together a selection of books that I feel are a great read whether you are an architecture student or professional, I hope that some of these books would be a welcome additional to your library.

Drawing is such a key part of an architectural process, people say that drawing is thinking out loud. In this article we will look at all aspects of the architects drawing tools.

This guide introduces you to architectural modelling, the materials, techniques, tips and more.