Best Fonts for Architects

Best Fonts for Architects


Why is choosing the right font typeface important?


Best fonts for architects – Selecting the best font typefaces can help you convey your design thinking and concepts more effectively. 

Typically for presentation sheets and portfolios, the text will be in the form of headings, subheadings and descriptive paragraphs. The font sizes will vary depending on your sheet size.

Your main goal is to choose font typefaces and styles that relate to your project theme and have good readability. 

To do this you would likely pick a bolder or more stylistic font typeface for your main headings. This will help you link your heading style to your design concept or function.

Then for your more text heavy paragraphs, you would ideally opt for a font typeface that is primarily more readable and goes well with your special heading. This will ensure visual cohesiveness and that your project information is clearly delivered to your readers.

You can mix different font typefaces and styles together, creating your own unique combinations. Doing this will help you make your design sheets stand out. Of course, there will also be numerous font pairings available online that you can use as well.

Not sure where to find fonts to get you started? We have compiled lists of a bunch of font typefaces to help you out!



The following are our recommendations for the best fonts for architects to use!

CLASSIC Fonts for Architects


Sans Serif


Brandon Grotesque 

12  fonts

1 fonts for architects
2 fonts to use in architecture
3 best fonts for architecture
4 fonts for architecture presentation
5 Butler
6 Garamond Premier
7 Glaser Stencil
8 Sketchiqua

Handwriting Fonts for Architects


Architects and Draftsmen 

6 fonts

Architects and Draftsmen
Architects Draft

Other Fonts for Architects


Architectural Free Font

1 font

Architectural Free Font

Google Fonts for Architects


Google fonts are great for architects! Google fonts is a library of 1455 open source font families for easy use. The website is great as it shows examples of all the fonts, and you can choose your own text to see in the different font styles.


We have selected some of our favourite Google Fonts for architects, plus we have curated a few google font combinations to use in your next projects. Scroll down to explore them all.


We have a cool set of presentation board templates which you can use to test out the ‘best fonts for architects’ from this post. These templates are super easy to use and will help save you so much time!

Architecture Presentation Board Templates



Also check out our post on presentation board tips!

Architecture Presentation Board Tips



We hope this post helped you save some time finding fonts for your architecture sheets.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


Your Comments


Have you got a font that you use all the time? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, feel free to share your font recommendations too.

Thank you!


Written by Valanne Fernandes, a Part 1 Architecture graduate. Valanne is a content creator with First In Architecture, spending her time researching, writing and designing inspiring new content for the website.

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