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First In Architecture is really proud of our small selection of ebooks. The Understanding Architectural Details range are ebooks dedicated to construction detailing, with options to download CAD dwg details, and 3d SketchUp details. We have also recently launched our US version of the book, Residential Construction Details.

You can find out more about each of the books, and what is included by following the links below. It is also possible to purchase all books together at a reduced price. Look for the full package. If you have any questions about the books please don’t hesitate to contact me –

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Architecture

This book is a start to finish guide in helping you to get your job in architecture. From how to apply, cv writing, cover letters to portfolios and interview advice, we have it covered.

Find out more here.

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Architecture


  1. Hi I downloaded the full bundle but my sketch up is a year older than the version saved for the basement details, is it possible to save in older version for me please?

  2. Can’t wait for the US version! 😀

  3. Just wanted to leave a comment saying how useful I’ve found these books and the accompanying drawing files & 3D models. I was a bit wary of purchasing an e-book off a website but Emma was a great help answering all my questions promptly and allaying my concerns. The material within has been genuinely useful and there doesn’t seem to be anything of this standard in the mainstream press – believe me I’ve looked! Perfect for a Pt. II in practice who’s still trying to wrap his head around actually making those fancy scribbles stand up! Many thanks Emma – a great resource and thoroughly recommended.

    • Hi Ross, Thank you so much for your kind comments – I really appreciate your feedback on the books. I’m really glad the books are proving useful to you. All the best, Emma

  4. These books look like the perfect way to get your head around the principles of detailing.

    Can you buy a hardback version yet or will you consider selling them as a hardback / eBook like the ‘Detail in Contemporary Architecture…’ book collection in the future?

  5. Daniel Vanhoutte

    Est il possible de se procurer “Understanding Architectural Details 1, 2 & 3 – FULL PACKAGE à
    £65.99 en français.
    Merci pour votre réponse.

  6. hiey emma, i wanted to get examples of buildings were the exhibition space is through circulation. if u can please suggest some examples or books which i can refer.

    • Hi Kosha, I would check out Metric Planning Handbook and Architects Data as a starting point. Beyond that I would head to the library and look for everything and anything to do with museums, exhibitions, pop up exhibitions etc. Good luck!

  7. which years of Building Regulations incorporated? thanks

  8. Hi Emma.
    Whats the best book you can recomend for steel construction and detailing

    • Hi Mohsin, Out of my books Understanding Architectural Details 3 would be the best for steel construction. You could also look at Construction Technology 2 by Mike Riley, and Barry’s Advanced construction of buildings.

  9. We need to find an appropriate construction literature for buildings coming up in home area is East Africa.

  10. Hi Emma,
    is the full collection contains details for interior finishes or it`s just all exteriors?



    • Hi there Michele, no it does not have an ISBN number. If you need to know anything else don’t hesitate to ask. Emma

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