Saturday , 18 August 2018

Free CAD Blocks – People (in Plan) 02

Our free CAD Block database is a fairly new feature to First In Architecture. We hope you find them useful. Please feel free to download them. We will endeavour to continue building our free autocad block library – if you have any suggestions for useful content please get in touch. All blocks are in Autocad 2010 format, if you need earlier versions, just shout!

This set of cad blocks consists of people in plan.

People Blocks (02)

FIA People CAD Blocks 02

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About First In Architecture Free Cad Blocks:

Thank you for using First In Architecture block database. These autocad blocks are provided free, for use by anyone. Please do not share or sell the blocks on to third parties. We endeavour to continue building our blocks library, and will always welcome suggestions for content required. Please contact us or leave a comment.
Terms and Conditions of Use:
These blocks as provided ‘as seen’ and with any faults or discrepancies. First in Architecture does not warrant that the use of these blocks will be to specific requirements, or completely error free. Any downloads are at the responsibility of the end user, and they must take responsibility to edit the blocks according to their own requirements. Please do not share or sell the blocks on to third parties.
Your use of the content provided on this web site is subject to the terms of this Copyright Statement.This web site is owned by First In Architecture which is based in the United Kingdom the copyright in the drawing content on this web site is owned by First In Architecture or the relevant listed manufacturers, except where otherwise indicated.


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  1. I just want to say thanks for the Autocad blocks and array of characters in the people in plan blocks but…

    where’s the women??

    • Hi Lorna,
      Very good question!! I will make sure the next set of people I put together has more women. I am actually quite embarrassed I missed that! Emma

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