CAD Blocks Trees CT01

Loft Conversions
This is the first of a new set of cad blocks trees we are developing. We have put together the first of a very specific set of trees. Hopefully they will be useful to you, and keep checking back as our collection continues to grow.
This set of tree cad blocks includes:
  • Yew Tree CAD Blocks
  • Monterey Cyprus CAD Blocks
  • Maidenhair Tree CAD Blocks
  • Juniper CAD Blocks
  • Monkey Puzzle Tree CAD Blocks
  • Western Red Cedar CAD Blocks
A total of 12 CAD blocks all in elevation.
Format: dwg
Units: mm, inches

CAD Blocks Trees


Maidenhair Tree cad block

Monkey Puzzle Tree Cad block

Monterey Cyprus Tree CAD Block

Western Red Cedar cad block


This purchase downloads in two cad files, one in mm (metric) and one in inches (imperial) – so no matter where you are there is a version that will work for you. No need to convert the files 🙂
Latin names for the trees:
  • Yew Tree (taxis bacatta)
  • Monterey Cyprus (cypressus macrocarpa)
  • Maidenhair (ginkgoaceae)
  • Juniper (juniperus communis)
  • Monkey puzzle (araucaria araucaria)
  • Western Red Cedar (thuja plicata)

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