CAD Drawing Template Download North American version

This CAD drawing template provides you with a great starting point for your drawings.

This North American CAD template is in IMPERIAL units! AutoCAD 2010 or later.

How many times have you opened a new drawing and spent too much time searching for the correct layers to use, copying stuff from other drawings and generally getting set up before you have a chance to actually draw anything!

Then, when it comes to printing, you spend ages setting up plot sheets, plot styles and line weights before you get anything on paper. Very frustrating and time consuming.

This CAD drawing template will put a stop to the time wasting and allow you to get straight into your design without the fuss.

The template includes:

  • Two sets of CAD layering according to your needs
  • Line weights set up ready to use
  • Layout sheets set up for Arch C, Arch D, Arch E and Arch E1
  • Text and dimension styles ready to use
  • Elevation and Section markers
  • Level markers
  • North points
  • Hatch patterns
  • Line weights and line types
  • Electric symbols
  • Scale bars
  • People blocks in elevation
  • People blocks in plan
  • Tree blocks in plan and elevation
  • Door blocks
  • Stair blocks in plan
  • Furniture blocks
  • Sanitary blocks
  • Window blocks
  • Example plan and elevation drawing

The template zip file that will be ready to download instantly includes:

  • Cad template (.dwg and .dwt) AutoCAD 2010 or later
  • Colour table file (.ctb) for printing
  • Guidance document
This template is the perfect addition to your cad library, helping you save time, and allowing you to adjust it to your requirements.

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