Tuesday , 17 July 2018

Essential Tool Kit

A Quick and Easy Guide to U-Values

These days it’s all about the U-Values, so you need to get clued up! Everyone loves a nice low U-Value, or is it a high one….? Here are the quick tips you need to make sure you are bang on with your U-Values! What is a U-Value? U-Value – is the measure of the overall rate of heat transfer, by …

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How to Calculate Stairs

Working out stairs can sometimes be a bit of a headache. In this article we are going to look at how to calculate stairs, the quick and easy way to work out your stair requirements. First, take a look at the regulations that we can use as a starting point for working out our risers and our going. For the …

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Creative Mapping and Data Visualisation Techniques for Architects

Before we get started – I want to let you know that you can download a free handy PDF of this article by clicking on the button below. Download Now! What is Mapping and Data Visualisation? Mapping and data visualisation are becoming key techniques used by architecture and design professionals to visualise data and information collected from our sites and …

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Our Best BIM Object Sites

With BIM technology attracting an ever increasing user base, the demand for BIM objects is growing by the day. What does this mean? Well for me, it is a little more tricky to put together some BIM object free downloads than it is for me to rustle up a new set of 2D CAD blocks. However, for you, there is …

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Guide to CAD Layering Standards

A layer in cad is a way to differentiate between the different lines that are drawn on a page. The layer can be assigned properties such as linewieght, line type and colour and can be made visible or hidden, amongst other things. You can use layers in a drawing for each different object type or construction element. For example, you …

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Building Regulations Basic Requirements For Your Project

Building regulations requirements for your project FI

In this part of the Building Regulations series, we will look at some of the key points to consider when designing to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. We will look at some of the more common works to existing properties, and mention some of the main elements that fall under the Building Regulations.   The Building Regulations are …

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Do I need Building Regulations Approval? Some FAQs

Do I Need building regs approval

In this post we look at some of the frequently asked questions when work is being carried out to an existing property. This will give an overview as to the requirements, but also links to further reading and resources. It is possible to make some alterations to your home without gaining permission, provided the work does not affect the appearance …

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The Party Wall Act – A Message to Designers

This week we have a guest post from Alex Frame of the Faculty of Party Wall surveyors who is giving us an introduction to the Party Wall Act. It is really great to receive some insight into a topic that crops up during our designs on a regular basis, but many architects and designers are perhaps not fully aware of …

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