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The First In Architecture Construction Detail Library is live!


I am very excited to announce the official launch of our new website – the First In Architecture Detail Library.


The library is a collection of residential construction details (based on UK construction), in CAD and SketchUp format.


The site is packed full of construction details and is continuing to grow. We are busy drawing new details now!

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I know how hard it is to find details and references when you are busy working on projects. The Detail Library will save you time, with all the First In Architecture details in one place, and more will be added on a regular basis.


You can either purchase individual details as you need them, or sign up for one of our two membership options. The Lite membership gives you access to all of the 2d CAD (dwg) files, with unlimited downloads.


The pro membership gives you access to the 2d CAD (dwg) files, 2D Revit Files along with jpg and pdf versions, plus you get the 3d files in SketchUp format.


Please head over to the Detail Library and check it out!

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  1. Good day.

    How can I avail?

    Thank you.

  2. very good

  3. is there an app where I can design my own work and print it..

  4. Is Detail library website down?

    • Hi Collete, no it is all working as far as I can see. Are you having problems accessing the site?


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