Detail Library Beta Program

The Beta test program allows us to test the website prior to general release. We are asking a select number of our community to join the program in order to test the website and provide us with feedback.

We are offering access to the Beta program for 50% off the standard subscription price. You can choose between the Lite and Pro membership options. This will give you access to the Detail Library platform for one year. If you choose to continue your subscription for another year, the price will revert to the full price as advertised when you joined the Beta program.

Detail Library features UK construction details ranging from foundations, to walls, windows, roofs and more. There are around 200 details in the library, with more being added every month. The details can be downloaded as cad (dwg) files, SketchUp (skp) files and the 2D drawings in PDF and Jpeg format too. 

The Detail Library Beta test program will be open very soon. Please keep an eye on your inbox!