Detail Library – New Details December 2022

New Details

The last details of 2022. We have something different this month. Get your hands on a full set of sanitaryware cad blocks, along with compliant Part M Bathroom Layouts.

The set includes a single CAD dwg file containing all 30+ drawings. The Pro Member download includes the same CAD file, and also individual Revit files of each sanitaryware drawing and bathroom layout. There are no SketchUp files included in this pack.

The pack includes:

  • Dimensioned basin drawings
  • Dimensioned bath drawing
  • Dimensioned shower tray drawings
  • Dimensioned WC drawings
  • Shower drawings
  • Part M4 (1) WC layouts
  • Part M4 (1) EnSuite layouts
  • Part M4 (2) Bathroom layouts
  • Part M4 (2) WC layouts
  • Part M4 (3) Bathroom layouts
  • Part M4 (3) Shower room layouts
  • Part M4 (3) WC layouts

There are some examples of the Part M Bathroom layouts below.

Technical Guide: Part M Bathroom Layout Guide

Also over on the library we have published our latest article that looks at the different requirements relating to Approved Document Part M. We highlight some of the main things that need to be considered when design bathroom, WC and en-suite facilities in dwellings.

Click here to check out the guide!

Don’t forget you can download the guide as a handy pdf for reference too!
07 Level Threshold Detailing
If you are interested in joining our Detail Library – head over to the Detail Library website to get yourself signed up!

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