Detail Library – New Details for February

Loft Conversions

New Details – Loft Conversion Details

This month we have added a selection of new details relating to loft conversions.


The loft conversion details include both the 2d cad drawings and 3d SketchUp drawings.


Our loft conversion details section now includes a number of useful details to help with carrying out a loft conversion project.


Some of the details are listed below:


  • Loft conversion new floor detail

  • Loft conversion support under stud wall detail

  • Loft conversion eaves detail

  • Loft conversion gable end wall upgrade detail

  • Loft conversion part wall upgrade detail

  • Loft conversion Velux balcony detail

  • Loft conversion Velux eaves window


These are just a few of the new details added this month. Below you can see some of those examples.

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Next month we have some interesting house extension details to add to the library.

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