Detail Library – New Details for May

New Details – Bifold door details and sliding door details

This month we have added a selection of new details to the library. We have teamed up with IQ Glass to bring some great bifold door and sliding door details incorporating the Sieger Lux Bifold Doors and their Sieger Slim Sliding Doors.  They are all available as 2D CAD drawings and 3D SketchUp drawings. They are available to all existing members.


This is a great set of new details for May, I hope you find them useful.


The full set of details are listed below:


  • Bifold door head detail
  • Bifold door threshold detail 
  • Bifold door jamb detail
  • Sliding door head detail
  • Sliding door threshold detail
  • Sliding door jamb detail
  • Suspended ceiling with concrete soffit
  • Suspended ceiling with timber joists


Below you can see some of those examples.

Sliding door head detail 3D

Sliding door jamb detail 3D

Sliding door jamb detail

Bifold door threshold detail

Bifold door threshold detail 3D

Sieger Bifold door elevation with plan thumb

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