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New Details

This month we have added a selection of loft details to the library. These details have been updated and added to and feature some of the details in our new loft conversion book. More are being added to the library soon.

They are all available as 2D CAD drawings and 3D SketchUp drawings. All details are now available in Revit format too! This forms part of the pro plan. The new details are available to all existing members, or can be purchased individually by non members.

This is a great set of new details for October, I hope you find them useful.

The full set of details are listed below:

  • loft conversion under draw detail
  • loft conversion new floor detail
  • loft conversion support under stud walls detail
  • loft conversion eaves details – cold roof, warm roof, ventilated etc
  • gable end wall upgrade detail
  • party wall upgrade detail
  • velux balcony detail
  • velux vertical eaves window
  • standard loft conversion rooflight detail


Below you can see some of those examples.

Detail Packs 

Also this month we have introduced Detail Packs – quick and easy downloading for our members, and they can be purchased by non members also. Here are a selection of the new packs below.

Finally we have a new template for all members to download and use for their own projects.
If you are interested in joining our Detail Library – head over to the Detail Library website to get yourself signed up!

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  1. Can we have similar details in Light Steel Frame Technology

    • Hi, thank you for the suggestion 🙂
      We will add your ideas to our list!


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