Detail Library – New Details July 2023

New Details

This month the team at Detail Library are excited to be able to share our latest set of details with you! This set of details explores brick slip details using mechanical fix. There are a number of methods for attaching brick slip cladding to the structure, most often, mechanical fix or adhesive fix. This set of details looks at how brick slips are mechanically fixed to steel frame, masonry and timber frame. We then explore a full set of construction details for a steel frame structure.

This set of brick slip details consists of:

  • masonry substrate with mechanical fix brick slip details
  • timber frame substrate with mechanical fix brick slip details
  • steel frame substrate with mechanical fix brick slip details
  • Brick slip foundation detail
  • Brick slip window head and sill detail
  • Brick slip window jamb detail
  • Brick slip junction to eaves/ pitched roof detail
  • Brick slip junction to flat roof detail

Stay tuned to the website as we have adhesive fix brick slip details coming soon!

Check out this month’s full set below.

Technical Study

This months article “Using the Detail Library: Project Case Study” explores the process of using the detail library to develop construction details for a live project. Slightly different from our usual guides and well worth a read.

If you are interested in joining our Detail Library – head over to the Detail Library website to get yourself signed up!

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