Detail Library – New Details March 2022

Loft Conversions

New Details

This month we have added more loft conversion details to the library. These details feature standing seam zinc dormer details. They range from window heads and sills, dormer connections, abutments and ridge connections plus more!

They are all available as 2D CAD drawings and 3D SketchUp drawings. All details are now available in Revit format too! This forms part of the pro plan. The new details are available to all existing members, or can be purchased individually by non members.

I hope you find them useful.

The full set of details are listed below:

  • standing seam zinc dormer detail window jamb
  • standing seam zinc dormer detail window head
  • standing seam zinc dormer detail window sill
  • standing seam zinc dormer eaves detail
  • standing seam zinc base detail to existing roof
  • standing seam zinc base detail to existing wall
  • standing seam zinc dormer abutment detail to party wall
  • forward sloping dormer ridge abutment detail
  • rear sloping dormer ridge abutment and valley gutter 
  • zinc dormer side junction to existing roof detail


Below you can see some of those examples.

Latest Article

Finally, we have published our latest guide on the detail library, looking at how to detail zinc and sheet metal. The blog post explores some of the criteria for detailing zinc. A really useful article with plenty of tips to take away – plus you can download the article as a free pdf guide!

Click here to read the article and download your free guide!

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