Detail Library – New Details November 2022

New Details

During November we have been exploring beam and block floors and brick soffit systems.

This latest set of details includes various beam and block details showing edge perpendicular to span, support to internal wall, staggering bearing, and change of direction.

Next we explore different brick faced soffit systems for door head details. These include timber bifold inward opening, and timber double slider doors.

There are some examples of the details below.

DL184A beam and block ground floor staggering bearing detail

DL186 timber bifold with brick face soffit detail

Technical Guide: Architecture Feasibility Study

Also over on the library we have published our latest article that looks at architecture feasibility studies. We highlight some of the main things that need to be considered when carrying out an architecture feasibility study.

Click here to check out the guide!

Don’t forget you can download the guide as a handy pdf for reference too!
07 Level Threshold Detailing
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