Detail Post: Rooflight Details

The rooflight details featured in this post are available to download from our Detail Library. The Detail Library features a large number of construction details available to download as 2D CAD drawings or 3D SketchUp drawings, and Revit versions coming very soon.


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Introduction to Rooflight Details

The rooflight market has expanded rapidly over recent years with our growing desire to flood our homes with natural light. Whether it is a rooflight for a loft conversion or a sliding skylight, there are many manufacturers out there who provide some great solutions.


There are a few things to consider when designing a rooflight, such as the orientation of the house, where the sun path is and how it will affect the light in the room that the rooflight is situated.


Privacy – will the rooflight be overlooked by other buildings that can effectively look into the room? What view can be created by the rooflight? Is it high level, so you can just see the sky, or low level so you can see a view, and maybe even open it up to a balcony (see Velux Cabrio)


If the rooflight is at high level, does it require an electronic opening system, or is it a fixed window. Consider access for cleaning and maintenance also.


How much glazing is being provided in the room in relation to floor space? Is there a risk of overheating?


Is the rooflight on a pitched or flat roof. If a flat roof, could it have people walking over it and therefore need to be strong enough to take extra weight?


Large expanses of roof glazing can be noisy when it rains, and also cause glare and overheating. Some rooflights come with automated blinds concealed within the build up of the frame.

Rooflight Details Examples

The following images give examples of rooflight details in both pitched and flat roof arrangements.


Rooflight detail

Rooflight detail on pitched roof 2D

Rooflight detail 3D

Rooflight detail on pitched roof 2D


Velux balcony rooflight detail

Velux rooflight balcony detail


Velux balcony rooflight detail 3DLC22


Velux rooflight balcony detail 3D

Rooflight on timber roof detail

Rooflight detail on flat roof

Rooflight Suppliers


Some of our favourite rooflight suppliers are listed below. Some suppliers provide the option to download rooflight details to use in your projects, or contact them directly for further information.




Glazing Vision


IQ Glass




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