FIA Standard CAD Template – Pro Version

Our new PRO Standard CAD Template is available!

I am always working to make the website, templates and products more useful to my readers. After reaching out for feedback on our CAD template we have come up with a PRO version that features even more CAD blocks, more layouts, dynamics blocks, hatches, and the list goes on. 

The template includes:


Everything from the Basic Template:


  • Two sets of CAD layering according to your needs

  • Line weights set up ready to use

  • Text and dimension styles ready to use

  • Elevation and Section markers

  • Level markers

  • North points

  • Dynamic scale bar

  • Hatch patterns

  • Line weight and style options

  • Electrical Symbols

  • Sun path diagrams (London) 

  • People blocks in elevation

  • People blocks in plan

  • Tree blocks in plan and elevation

  • Door blocks

  • Window blocks

  • Furniture blocks

  • Stair blocks in plan

  • Sanitary and kitchen fittings

  • Layout sheets set up in A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4

  • Example plan and elevation



  • Kitchen Furniture CAD blocks

  • Bedroom Furniture CAD blocks

  • Living Room Furniture CAD blocks

  • Kitchen CAD blocks 

  • Dining Furniture CAD blocks

  • Bathroom CAD blocks

  • General Standard Furniture Sizes CAD blocks

  • Standard Door Sizes CAD blocks

  • Window CAD blocks in section, elevation and plan

  • Accessible sanitary facilities CAD blocks

  • Average sizes of people standing

  • Average sizes of people sitting

  • Average wheelchair user dimensions

  • Site analysis symbols

  • Steel beam CAD blocks

  • More hatches for easy ‘match properties’

  • Dynamic Section Markers for easy stretching

  • Dynamic Windows and Doors for easy re-sizing

  • Dynamic Furniture blocks for quick selection

  • Dynamic trees for easy scaling

  • 2 Additional title block styles for layout sheets

You can see everything that is included in the template by heading over to the shop now!

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