Free Photoshop Tree Elevation Brushes

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Free Photoshop Tree Elevation Brushes

Today we are sharing our first set of free photoshop brushes. Sketchy tree elevation brushes.

Photoshop tree elevation brushes

Photoshop tree elevation brushes download

These brushes can be used to quickly add trees to your elevations to give things a bit more interest.


They are easy to use, and save tonnes of time. All you need to do is load the brushes into photoshop and you are ready to get started.

Here are some more examples of the free photoshop tree brushes….

Free Photoshop Tree Brush Example 1

How to Load Brushes into Photoshop

Just in case you don’t know how to load brushes into photoshop – I made a quick video walking you through the simple steps to load your own brushes into photoshop.

What are you waiting for!? Click on the button above to download your brushes, and start going tree crazy in photoshop!

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