How to Brand Your Architecture Practice

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Why is branding important in architecture?


What is your architecture practice about? What values do you want to communicate to your clients, and how do you want the world to see you?


As your business grows and your experience builds, your brand will naturally develop and evolve. However, it is important to establish your brand values early on in order to present your business to your potential clients, peers and acquaintances. 


Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is a combination of how your customers see you and how they experience your business. Your brand is reflected in everything from the projects you complete, to the communication with clients, your business cards, marketing and advertising. 

How do you build a brand as an architect?


Establish what is different about your practice

What makes your practice different from others is a key factor in determining a powerful brand. Whether your focus is on client experience, a certain aesthetic, or perhaps budget, it is important potential clients know what to expect, and your brand will tell them this. What sets you apart?


Tell your story

Why did you start your practice, what is the background? Being able to tell your story through your brand gives a human feel to your practice, and makes you more relatable. A brand story triggers an emotional response and engages people.

building your brand as an architect
Brand building in architecture

Build on your strengths

The easiest way to develop your brand is to build on your strengths. What is the practice good at? What does it do better than anyone else? Is it design, customer service? Let your strength set you apart from the others.


Make your brand sharable

Architects rely on a lot of word of mouth marketing. Making your business easy to share will encourage your clients to talk about you more. Using your story and your strengths to communicate with your clients will give them talking points to share with their friends, and hopefully bring more work your way.


Make your brand easily identifiable

It goes without saying that when starting your own business one of the first things you think about is the logo! Its the fun bit right? Well, make sure your branding (logos, colours etc) tie in with the story and the message you are building. You don’t want your logo and imagery to say one thing, but your name and your story to be saying something else. Make sure you are consistent throughout and give a clear message to the potential client.

Introducing the Archipreneur Academy


The Archipreneur Academy is an e-learning platform and training community for architects. It contains step-by-step guides to build your own architectural marketing system, in depth training courses, tutorials, workbooks and checklists. Plus a supportive community of like-minded architects to connect with and get feedback from.


The Road Map


The Road Map provides step-by-step guides to your studio growth strategy. Modules such as “Define your Ideal Client” to “Creating a Marketing Plan” will guide you through the steps to get your practice to the next level.


The module “Establish Brand Clarity” will walk you through every step to creating your architecture brand. From establishing your vision, to your unique selling proposition, you will be able to define your brand values and your mission statement.


This module is just one of many valuable parts of the Archipreneur Academy. For anyone looking to start their own practice, or improve on and scale their existing practice, the Academy is for you.

My favourite Tools and Resources

I have curated a list of some of the tools and resources I would strongly recommend for anyone studying or working in Architecture.