How to convert raster or vector image to dwg

Have you heard of Scan2CAD?  Scan2CAD is a great tool that allows you to convert vector and raster files into cad files (dwg or dxf).

Luke from Scan2CAD has put together a tutorial for us, demonstrating exactly how the software works, and showing just how useful and how powerful it can be. It is easy to imagine the time saving impacts that Scan2CAD could have on your workflow.

Scan2CAD can convert scanned architectural plans, images, pdfs with object recognition, converting objects to elements such as arcs, dashed lines and more. The tool is also able to recognise text, meaning that once a file is converted, the text is editable.

Take a look at the video below to see what Scan2CAD is all about.


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Use Scan2CAD’s powerful Batch Conversion feature to convert thousands of designs in a few clicks. Batch conversion – which also supports simple image processing – will convert all files within a directory.

For those who wish to automate tasks Scan2CAD allows you to take full control and automate any process using custom scripts.

Head over to Scan2CAD to find out more.

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