Sunday , 22 July 2018

How To Create A Site Model In SketchUp

Following on from the site analysis videos, this tutorial shows you how to model a site in SketchUp using the help of Google Earth.

In this video we look at:

– Adding a location to your site model

– Using google earth to import 3d models of surrounding building context

– Duplicating components and setting up new layers

– Creating two different visual options – photo texture and white models

– Amending the colours of the surrounding buildings

– Adding roads to the site plan

– Using the shadows tool to show sun paths

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  1. Very helpful tutorials

  2. This is really excellent and useful, thank you very much – it is a great starting point for me on my Sketchup journey!

  3. Roberto Torres Jr


    Why is that when I try to upload a building onto my location they don’t load up in it’s position ?

    • When you import your cad drawing, make sure you go – File, Import. Then click on “Options”, then make sure you tick “Preserve Drawing Origin” to make sure the imported file comes in at the location it was drawn in cad.

  4. Hi Emma,

    I was wondering about models that appear 3D in google earth and maps etc.. but are not 3D models in sketchup. I have selected 3D models and imported the models availiable, however there is a 3D showing in google earth but no model in sketchup. Is there a way to put the “3D” that is displayed of a building from google earth into the sketchup model?

    • Hi Sarah, it appears this is more difficult to do nowadays unfortunately. I had the same issue recently and couldn’t see a way to get the models into my drawing. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

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