Internships and Working Abroad in Architecture

I have had quite a few people now asking me about how to get internships abroad or how to find work abroad.

I have never worked abroad myself, so although my experience is lacking, I thought I could point you in the direction of some useful information I have found.

Internships and Working Abroad in Architecture

Why do you want to work abroad?

First thing to consider is your reason for working abroad. I recently read an interesting article from ArchDaily  that questions your motives for working abroad, and whether or not it really does benefit your career. I would recommend you take 5 minutes to read it.

Internships and Working Abroad in Architecture

Where to look for work

Supposing you are sure that you want to work abroad – the next step is seeking out the work.

Go Overseas  would be a good starting point to get some information about working overseas. It features numerous articles about working abroad, some great tips and of course they feature internship programmes that you can apply for.

Transitions Abroad  is another website that offers information for those looking to work abroad. It has a specific section on internships abroad which you can check out here: Transitions Abroad Internships

The Intern Group is another site worth checking out.


How to apply

So you have found some possible positions that you want to apply for. The next stage is to make sure your CV or resume is suitable for the country the job vacancy is in.

Again, from Go Overseas there is an excellent article helping you write your CV for any country in the world. Check out the article here

All About Careers offers great advice for writing an international CV – check it out here

All of the websites above offer a good starting point to collect the information you need to make your dream of interning abroad a reality.

If you have any advice or tips for people looking to work in architecture overseas, please comment below – any tips would be appreciated.


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