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I have some exciting news today!


I will be one of the expert speakers in the upcoming Online Conference for young architects and designers called ArchiMentors Summit.



The idea behind the ArchiMentors Summit is to show different paths young architects & designers can go after finishing studies and different ways to use their gained skillset.

Through sharing journeys, experiences and expertise of amazing speakers:

  • you’ll learn the skills they don’t teach at schools
  • you’ll get inspired by real-life examples to craft your own ideal career within architecture & design space.

Because nowadays there are many more options how to earn a living then the 2 traditional ways – being employed or to found your own studio.


Join Me

I am really excited to be speaking at the summit. The title of my talk is “5 Easy Steps to Better Detailing”.

As you may know, I have written a number of books that dive deep into the understanding of construction details. The books range from residential, commercial through to Passivhaus design. The talk is focussed on helping you improve your detailing, gain confidence in drawing construction details, and giving you exercises that you can do to sharpen your detailing skills.

I will share with you the main principles of detailing, and the things to be mindful of when developing a construction detail. I will then share the 5 steps that will help you get better at detailing. Beyond that, we look through all of the different resources that are available to help you with construction drawing and detailing, many online resources, many free. There is so much information out there to help us, we just need to know where to find it.

This is the first time I have discussed some of the in depth techniques I have used to improve my detailing in the past.

I am also giving away a complete guide to improving your detailing during my talk, so make sure you sign up in order to get your copy!

There will be some other special surprises there too.

Is it for you?

The conference is especially useful for young architects & designers, meaning:

  • students

  • fresh graduates

  • young professionals (less than 3 yrs experience)

  • professionals

If you don’t seem to fit in these ‘boxes’, but you’re into architecture, visual representation, sketching, arch-viz, online marketing – it’s for you as well!


When is it going to be?

The conference will start on Wednesday, October 14th 2020. It will last for 8 days (2 talks per day) and there will be replays available to the participants until the end of October 2020.


“Sounds great, but how much does it cost?”

Here’s the best part! Giving back to the amazing online community and educating next generations of architects & designers is the main mission of this virtual summit. That’s why it’s FREE to register!


Even though it’s an online event, the capacity of the conference platform is limited! So if you’re interested, please don’t wait up and register today 😉


One last thing…

Could you please help us spread the word and share this online conference with your family, friends, and colleagues who might be interested? Here’s the link you can send them:

Thanks so much!

Can’t wait to see you there!

My favourite Tools and Resources

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