Landscape Architecture Resources

I have had quite a few requests for information regarding landscape architecture, so I wanted to put together a post with some good resources that might help landscape architects in their studies.

This post covers good website resources for landscape architects, useful books for landscape architecture, downloads for your landscape architecture designs along with a few useful videos I found. I hope you find it helpful, but if you know of anything I should add then please drop me an email or comment below.

Landscape Architecture Websites


If its inspiration that you are looking for – Pinterest is always a great place to start!

Houzz and have a landscape/garden section that features great images and inspiration.

Landscape Architecture Network

Landscape Architecture Network, featuring designs, projects and useful information for all landscape architects.


Good photos and info, on landscape projects and more.

Landscape Architecture Magazine

American landscape architecture magazine – great online library.

World Landscape Architect

News, projects and more from around the world.

Landscape The Journal

UK based resource for landscape architecture – all sorts of news, projects jobs and so on.

American Society of Landscape Architects

ASLA. Packed full of information, news and more.

Arch Daily Landscape

ArchDaily have a dedicated landscape section which is good to check out.

Landscape Architecture Books



Landscape Cad Blocks and Downloads

There are loads of cad blocks and photoshop downloads that might be useful for your designs, check out some of them below:
Photoshop Brushes Trees Download FI
Free Photoshop Tree Brushes FI
Feature Image Tree Elevations 3
fia hand drawn trees
Colour trees FIA
Tree Edges
Spring Trees in Plan
Feature Image tree cad blocks
FIA Cad blocks trees 07You can check out the full range of cad blocks by following the link below:

Landscape Architecture Tutorials

Digital Arch Land

Digital Arch Land is a tutorial blog that specializes software tutorials for landscape architects and other design professionals.

Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal has some really great SketchUp tuts some of which are based on the book mentioned above.
Also, a couple of videos you might find interesting:

TED Talk – Landscape Architecture to Conservation Agriculture

A great guide by gCADplus on landscape design and working with CAD. It is well worth downloading this free resource.


And finally, some great webinars that are worth checking out:

Webinars from Land 8

I hope this post has been useful to you – if you can think of anything else that would be useful to other landscape architecture students and professionals, please comment below or email me and I can add the information to the post.

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