Learn Architectural Drawing with David Drazil

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Architectural Drawing: From Paper to Photoshop


Today we are celebrating our good friend David Drazil. He has just launched a fantastic new course Architectural Drawing: From Paper to Photoshop – perfect for anyone looking to learn the fundamental drawing techniques to create hand-drawn sketches and bring them to life with Photoshop.


Check out the trailer to his course!

David has a wealth of experience teaching sketching techniques and showing others how to create striking architectural drawings and sketches.


About the Course


This is one course that will really set on the right track to understand composition, perspective, design principles and colour theory. Students will learn to develop their own idea through a thumbnail sketch, improve it through iteration on a bigger format, add details and create a refined sketch in ink. Once you have developed your sketch, you will learn to digitise on Photoshop, learning how to add colours, textures and much more!

Who is the course for?

The course would suit anyone from architects, designers, illustrators and sketchers to want to improve their skills and learn more about mixed media illustrations.


Get signed up now and see your sketching and presentation skills explode!

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